Tired of wearing your full sleeve T-shirts and tops, want to try something new and trendy this summer? The fair and simple answer is “Crop Top.” This summer, keep your shirts and T-shirts away and give a pleasant welcome to crop-tops.
Crop-tops have made their way in the fashion industry quite significantly. Easy to wear, elegant look, a good choice for summers and different designs and customization makes them the perfect choice above the other fashion clothes.

Crop Tops Specifications


1) Style: Crop-tops come in many styles. There’s a wide variety to choose from, solid, embellished, graphic, jacquard cutouts, ruffles, etc.
2) Fabric: Georgette, Cotton, Polyester, Silk, velvet, etc. are the widely available Fabrics. You can go for a Single Jersey also.
3) Color: Well, not to mention, all the colors are available in the crop-tops with printed design at the back or fully plain both the sides.
4) Sleeves: The crop tops come with many options for Sleeveless, half sleeve or no sleeve at all.
5) Neck: Rounded or scoop neck is more common in Crop-tops.
Well, these are the most basic configurations available in crop tops, but the list doesn’t end here. Crop-tops are fairly priced to make them more accessible clothing for everyone. Due to their unique and virtually ‘infinite’ styles and designs, the crop tops are becoming the most demanded fashion stuff. They come in pin-up, casual and sporty look.
Crop tops are in most demand during summers. Elegant look, fairly simple style of wearing, resistant to sweat during summers makes them an impeccable choice. There are evenly compared with the beach tops. Crop-tops are part of the workplace too. They combine your grace and present it in a formal way in front of your colleagues. Because of the comfort that they provide, they are being used in aerobics too.
Lots of manufacturers are designing crop tops in a huge number all around the globe. But, you can start to design your own crop-top with just a pair of scissors and your old tops. It’s always a good idea to design and give customization to your own crop-tops. You just required your tops, T-shirts, shirts and with a few cuts here and there, your crop-tops are ready to be shown off.
Crop tops are definitely the new fashion symbol in this summer. So ladies, what are you waiting for, grab a crop-top now or start creating and customizing your own crop-top and enjoy the summers.


crop-tops-5Sexy Crop tops for girls.



crop-tops-8Crop tops with symbols.


crop-tops-for-girlsCrop Tops for girls and teenagers.