If you were to say the words wedding and dress to a young girl, it’s likely they’d think of the classic ball gown dresses. It’s older than time itself (almost) and despite the rise in popularity of many other styles and shapes, the ball gown wedding dress reigns supreme. So what is it about this shape that is so appealing to women all over the world?

Lace ball gown for weddingLet’s go back a few years and take a look at the late Princess Diana’s exceptional ball gown dress. Though it may be somewhat dated now, it did set the precedence for many brides and shot designer David Emmanuel to stardom. For an idol and beauty such as Diana it felt fitting that she had a dress to match her royal status and what other shape than the ball gown?

Ball gown wedding dresses

The voluminous skirt and train erupted from her hips and accentuated her waist. While the bodice and puffed sleeves were a perfect fit for a princess in their demureness. Instead of stark white, though, she opted for a soft cream which enhanced her complexion. A good tip to remember, go with the tone that suits your coloring best.

Ball gown for wedding
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The key in ball gown wedding dresses is their adaptability. The shape remains, but the detail can be vastly differing, allowing you to be completely unique. Take Carrie’s dress in Sex and The City for example. It’s still a ball gown wedding dress yet it’s a far cry from Diana’s. In the film, Carrie opted for a Vivienne West wood number.

Ball gown luxurySurely proving that even the most rock and roll of the fashion industry can’t say no to a good ball gown dress! Carrie’s bodice was far more risqué though. The detail came in the seamed and pointed cups for the breasts, similar to Madonna’s iconic cone bra. Moving down the dress though things become more familiar.

Ball gown sexyA nipped in waist shows off the smallest part of her body and the layered, cupcake skirt falls in swathes to the floor. This West wood number features both cream and white in its color scheme which is yet another way to add unique detail. It’s dramatic, feminine and most importantly, with the ball gown wedding dress, huge!

Ball gown princessesSo there we have it, two very differing options and of course, a vast many more in between. The one similarity? The color. Play with the tunes as much as you like, but if you’re going to opt for the ball gown wedding dress, keep it traditional!
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Ball gown wedding dresses

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