Iverson braids is not a new hairstyle name, but its become popular recently because of frequently worn by the famous basketball player Allen Iverson.

Well, you come to this post its means you already know about this NBA super star. Every celebrity is a brand in itself and what they do or wear is usually follow by the people.

Iverson braids stylesAlthough Allen Iverson officially retired from professional basketball in 2013, but his Braids styles still popular among the people and now its become a name of hairstyle Allen Iverson braids styles.

Allen Iverson Braids

iverson Braids

Iverson start wearing this style of braids during NBA Rookies challenge in 1997, and the same year he also get award “NBA Rookies of the year”. This give him a sudden boost and popularity among the Basketball fan and same his hairstyle also get popular.

Iverson braids with weav

“Iverson Braids” still get searched on internet by thousands of his fans every month even after his retirement, and this hairstyle also copied by some other basketball players including Latrell Sprewell and Rasheed Wallace.

What Actually is Allen Iverson Braids Hairstyles

Allen iverson braidsWell this hairstyle is not invented by Allen Iverson, it is actually Cornrow Braids and it is very common among African American both women and men. Braids are the most popular hairstyles of Africans and there are many braiding technique which are unique and different from each others.

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A braid is a complex structure or pattern formed by interlacing three or more strands of flexible material such as textile yarns, wire, or hair.Wikipedia

Cornrows braids styles

Cornrow braidsCornrows is a traditional African hairstyle and now days very popular in the Caribbean and African American women. In this hairstyle the hair is braided very close to the scalp. Cornrows are usually formed in straight lines, but they can also be formed in complicated geometric or curvy line designs.

Allen Iverson using different Cornrows braids and often change its style. One thing is common with his braids that its always in complicated, but in very beautiful and attractive shape. Here you may see his Cornrows braids styles.Allen iverson hairstyles

How to do Iverson Braids

Cornrow braids are very easy to maintain, but its very hard to get them. There are much time needed to create same braids like Iverson, sometime hours and also some time its can consume few days to create such braids, all depend on how much complicated the style is.

Types of Hair for Iverson Braids

Iverson braids hairstylesSome time you also need hair extensions if your hair volume is less. The longer your hair the more time its will consume to create the Cornrow braids. To get this hairstyle you will need at least medium length hair, on very short hair this design in not possible.

 You can not make Iverson braids at home, you need an expert. All you need to do is to go to a professional hairstylist, who know how to create Cornrow braids.  

Show the desired design to your hairstylist and ask him the detail. It’s better to take an appointment from him, and ask him complete detail, how much time it will consume, the cost or any other complications.

Allen Iverson Braids Tutorials

It is simple to get Iverson braids you need to get Cornrow braids. here we share some tutorials and videos on how to create cornrows braids.
Del Sandeen (black hair expert) share in very detail how to braid cornrows, you may read in in here at about.com

Here are the video tutorials of Cornrows Braiding.

Iverson Braids video Tutorial

Here are 15 Unique Iverson Braids ideas with pictures

You know how to make Iverson Braids, now the time is to choose the design. Well to help you out we share in here some very unique and attractive Iverson Braids styles. You may choose one of them and ask your hairstylist to implement on your hair. Actually Iverson braids should be for boys, but this hairstyle is more popular among women, so here we share all the images of Iverson Braids for women. If you are boy, just watch out his hairstyle and follow any of his design.

Iverson Braids with  weave

Cornrows iverson braids with weave
You may use Iverson braids with weave by leaving some of the hair long behind. These hair also should be braided, its suitable for very long hair.

iverson braids in a ponytail

Cornrows ponytail
You may also create a ponytail, if your hair are long enough. First of all create the complete braids and in end the remaining hair make a ponytail on above head or behind.
Iverson braids ponytail

Iverson Fishbone Braids

Cornrow fishbone braids
Why its called fishbone? just look at the designs in above and below pictures. The shape of the braids is like the bone of a fish. You need a Cornrows expert to get this design.
Iverson fishbone braids

Iverson Braids Mohawk

You may also create a Cornrow braids Mohawk just same like in picture below. Read our complete post about Braided Mohawk to get more information about this hairstyle.
Cornrow braids mohawk
Iverson braids mohawk

Iverson braids in a bun

Allen iverson braids in a bun
This style is little complicated, but worth the time and money. As it is looking stunning beautiful. You may see in these images.
Iversons braids in a bun

Iverson Braids For teenage

Teenage also can try this hairstyl, here is a teen girl look stunning hot with braids.
Teenage black braided hairstyles

More Cornrow Braids Styles

Here i collect some more Iverson or Cornrow braids styles, but these hairstyles are very complicated and need extra skills and time to get them. You may also try one of them but i warn again, its need master level skills and also a lot of time.
Cornrow braids

Cornrow braids for women

Cornrows braids

Cornrows complicated
I hope you like our ideas we share with you today. feel free to share your thoughts in the comment sections and share the Iversons Braids styles with you friends on social media. If you have any suggestion, or want add/edit something on this post contact us via our contact us page.