Before purchasing basketball shoes, keep in mind all the important features that will make the footwear more comfortable for the players. The basketball shoes should be able to stand the intensive movements like running, shooting, jumping and dribbling that are involved in basketball.

basketball-shoes-11The shoes also play their role in protecting the players from all kinds of injuries. Ankle injury is most the common one while playing basketball. Ankles can twist due to the movements involved in this game. Basketball players can also experience ankle sprains or fractures.

Some of the things that should be considered while buying basketball shoes are:


There are three kinds of basketball players that include fast players, all-around players and power players. Each category of these players requires different kinds of footwear.

basketball-shoes-1Basketball Shoes with amazing cushioning are the need of power players. Power players are the most active with more movements than the others and therefore they pay particular attention to the comfort of their feet.

basketball-shoes-6Cushioning and reasonable ankle hold up is the requirement of all around players. These players are not fussy while selecting their footwear. Their shoes make them very comfortable and they move freely all around the court.

basketball-shoes-7Fast players have to keep in mind the weight of the shoes. They want to execute the movement in a very speedy manner. So, they go for light weight, which make them move easily without any injury. These players prefer lower cut shoes.

basketball-shoes-8Find a shoe structure that suits you. The upper part is the soft part of the shoe. The foot is kept warm and protected during the play. High tops, mid tops and low tops are the three kinds of shoe cuts.

basketball-shoes-4High top serve as ankle supporters and secure from any kind of ankle injuries. 70 percent footwear are high tops in basketball.

basketball-shoes-1Mid tops are for players who do not have any issue with wearing shoes without full ankle support. These are lighter than high tops.

basketball-shoes-3Low top are for regular players, as they do not hold on ankle support.

Nike Hyperdunk 2015 Basketball ShoesThe basketball shoes are made up of synthetic leather, because it provides flexibility, stability and durability. The shoe size is also an important factor for buying basketball shoes.






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