The comparison, Balayage vs Ombre, What should you pick:? I know what you are thinking and yes, they are totally different. Here we will discuss the The Difference Between Ombre and Balayage.

New Year new you, right? There is no better way to be a “new you” than to change your old hair for something new and exciting. I am not saying you should go and dye your hair bright red or blue.

Balayage vs ombre hair coloring
Less is always more and that is the reason Ombre hair had been in style for the longest time ever. But before you go to the salon and get your hair dye you should know there are two options: Balayage VS Ombre.

I will explain everything you need to know about the two techniques and after you read this, you will be ready to decide and get a new look.

Balayage vs Ombre

Balayage is a technique that coloring your hair in V shape with vertical line, it gives a more natural highlighting look. Ombre is where the lower section hair lighter than above and the color lines are more horizontal less vertical. It will not give you natural look but a more bold and sexy hairstyle. I will explain all in detail below.

Side by side and the difference

Balayage vs ombre

Ombre comes from the French word “ombre” and means shadow on the other hand Balayage comes from French to and it means “sweep”. The trend appeared in the 90s and it was a hit all around. Even boys jumped on the trend. If you are a fan of N’Sync you know what I am talking about. But the style Ombre blew up, because of Aaliyah in the 2000 and for them it’s been in style. You have seen it on celebrities like Lucy Hale, Gina Rodriguez and Chrissy Teigen.

Balayage hair ideasBalayage is more like a technique and it appeared in France in the 1970. It was revolutionary when it first appeared in a Carita salon in Paris. In the ‘90s the trend was making waves in the USA. There are also a lot celebrities that were on board with this trend. Some of them are Jennifer Aniston, Hale Berry and Jessica Biel.

Balayage hair color vs Ombre

Balayage hair color vs ombreOmbre means the transition from a dark color to a light but one on the other hand, Balayage means applying the lighter color in a square shape all over the hair. When it comes to ombre there is no dark color at the bottom of the hair. If you pick the Balayage hair, you will have a darker color at the bottom and since is not a trend it will always be in style.

Balayage hair colors vs ombreAnother difference between the two is that ombre hair is easier to do and pretty much every stylist out there can make it happen. But when it comes to Balayage you need to make sure that your stylist knows exactly what is doing and has done it before.

The maintenance it requires

Here is a question you need to ask yourself before picking one or the other: ‘Are you going to get your hair touched up ones every month or so?”

Omber hairI am asking, because hair grow in roots will look like a part of your style if you go with ombre hair, but if you go for Balayage, you need to go a stylist at least one every two months, depending on how fast your hair is growing.

Balayage VS Ombre. The Technique

If you want ombre, your hair will go through a two step process. The stylist will bleach the bottom part of your hair. After that he will apply the base color and the highlights.

Guy Tang OMBRE Hair Color Makeover for Victoria Secrets.

The Balayage doesn’t require to apply bleach, because the finished appearance, it will be looking natural. The highlights will be two or three shades lighter than your natural color.

How to Do Balayaged, a BTC video with step by step guide.

Which one is best for you?

Balayage ombreWhenever you think about changing your look you should always pick something that will work best for you. If you have no idea, I am here to help you. Between ombre and Balayage depending your hair here is what you should know:

Balayage or ombre For short hair

Balayage for short hair
Balayage for short hair
Dark to brown ombre hair for short straight hair
Dark to brown ombre hair for short straight hair

If you have short hair and you are thinking about embracing the ombre style, well, that will not really work for you. Ombre works better for longer hair. But not to worry, you can jump on the Balayage style right away and it will look so much better than Ombre on you.

Here we share some ideas about Balayage on Short hair. I hope it will help to decide.

Balayage Vs Ombre for black hair

Balayage ombre for black hairIf you have dark hair both styles will look great on you. Go for ombre for a drastic change. You can have the roots black and the bottoms blond. But if you want a subtle change, pick Balayage.

For light hair

Highlights with balayage hair color techniqueSince the definition of ombre is going from dark to light, it depends on how light your hair actually is. If you have platinum blonde hair, you can’t go for ombre. But you can rock the Balayage hairstyle, so you go girl.

If you understand well the difference between Ombre and Balayage, than here is a small quest for you. Kindly spot out the both hairstyles below and share with us in comments.

9 caramel balayage for dark brown hair

Balayage hair colors ideas

Bohemian blonde ombre style

Brown ombre balayage hair style for 2015 summer with natural beach waves

Long brown blonde ombre hair

Ombre hair color ideas

I hope now you know exactly what change you want and your hair needs. Do not forget to tell us in the comments which one you like the most: ombre or Balayage?