Leggings are a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. There is no question here, but now that you own them do you really know how to wear them appropriately? I know they might seem easy to pair and they go with anything, but are they really?

There is a solution, choose legging in black color, as black leggings easy to go with almost everything you wear.

Best black leggingsBut sometime Leggings become see through after using multiple of time, especially if they are not made of quality material. I know you will don’t like to flash your underwear everywhere.

After go through all the reviews and opinions, i found some best black leggings that not see through even after using of hundred of times.

Best Black Leggings (Not See Through)

I collect five best Leggings that not see through, there are few things we keep in mind while reviewing these items.

  1. The product must have more than 500 minimum customer reviews
  2. There should be average more than four star review for each product
  3. There is no complain of see through or other low quality material.

Hue Women’s Ultra Legging – With Wide Waistband

Ultra leggings by hue

Hue is one of the most famous brand in women legging, they have a huge variety of leggings and yoga pants. Hue Women’s ultra legging with wide waistband is one of their best product.

They mention in their description “HUE Ultra Leggings have a rich, deep color that lasts, a superb fit and offer the perfect amount of stretch with no see-through.”

Maximum customer reviews are positive and satisfying, beside few complaining about the size. So take your correct measurement first before placing an order.

They are not shipping international, just in USA.

The Power Flex Yoga Pant – From 90 Degree by Reflex

Yoga pant leggingOne of the best black leggings out there on amazon, thousands of reviews and more than 80% are positive and love the product. These are perfect for yoga, exercise, or any type of workout, you may also wear them when going outside.

According to them “These Power Flex Pants for women are made from the highest quality fabrics designed to remove moisture from your body, providing maximum comfort.”

The good thing is they also provide 30 days money back guarantee, if you not satisfy with the product simply return them within 30 days without any questions.

Some people complaining about the size, as its extra tight. So my advise is choose the size correctly, if its tight for you still you can send it back but your time will waste.

Women’s Essentials Ankle Legging – By Danskin

Dankson leggingsDanskin is one of the best brand of women active wears, they are being expert making active wears and leggings. Their ankle legging is one of the most running product and as i see people review they are very excited about the product.

According to Danskin “Our smooth fitting ankle legging is a comfortable pick for fitness or fun. The essential piece features a wicking gusset and offers the flexibility you need for running and more. A great basic for workouts or weekends”

One thing keep in mind, this is ankle legging, so their length might be a little short. As some people complain its short for them, so my advise go for a bit larger size than yours. second thing is if you have extra large butts, than avoid these as some people complaining its not go well with their big butts.

SEJORA Fleece Lined Leggings – High Waist Compression Slimming

LeggingSejora is not such popular brand, but i choose this product because of 3000 customer reviews and they mention it is non see through leggings. It is way cheaper than other best rated leggings available online. The company describe their product with some extra features.

As they mention in their product description, it help to slim down your waist line, it also support your body as you move. they are also offering many colors and designs to choose from.

Well i also see some people complaining about their products, in my opinion buy it only if you are looking for some cheap and reliable option. If you are the one can’t compromise on quality than its better stay away from it.

Lucy Women’s Perfect Core Solid Legging – Recommended

Lucy leggings
Well if you can’t compromise on quality and you need really perfect non see through leggings than Lucy is the brand for you. One of the most slid black leggings out there, but their price is high $$$.

If you already fed up with your leggings collection and don’t want take any risk again, than these leggings are for you. The price is high, but the quality have no comparison. The only product which have 100% positive customer review.

According to them “A lucy customer favorite, we made this high-rise to keep you covered when you’re upside-down and sideways in studio classes. Available in a legging and Capri legging.

Their downfall is the high price, if you are not such an active person in gym and workout, if it is not important for you to keep leggings for years, than its better choose some cheaper option from above.

The best material for leggings

The best material for a pair of leggings is Lycra or spandex blend. Lycra is going to last way longer than cotton and it is more comfortable. Usually, leggings are made from 90% nylon and 10% Lycra. Before buying the product see the material carefully.

material of leggings

How To wear Leggings

Is it easy to pair leggings with anything?

Yes and no. As long as you take them for what they are, you are good, but if you turn them into pants, I am sorry to break it down for you, but they are not pants any more.

Not to worry, there are a few rules you should follow when wearing leggings outfit. The main one is to make sure that nothing is showing. Make sure your shirt is covering all there is to cover.

You may also check our post about shoes to wear with leggings.

Classy outfit idea style with skinny jeans and combat bootsThis outfit is perfect for university or a weekend day. A pair of black legging, a jeans shirt and a pair of boots.

The benefits of leggings

Now that I am thinking, you can have the same relationship with leggings as you have with a friend with benefits. In the sense that you don’t have time for something else and they are comfortable, easy and always there as an option. Try to get out of the area of leggings and Uggs that is a staple for the “basic girl” that takes a lot of selfies and is always at Starbucks. There are a lot of cute and comfortable options out there to be explore.

The joke aside, you can make some really cute casual or classy outfits. For a casual outfit, pair the leggings with materials as jeans, wool, cotton.

legging outfit

A jeans jacket, a white long shirt and a pair of leggings are always a good idea.

legging outfit with jacket

Instead of the same old jeans jacket, you can switch things up and add a military-like jacket.

How to wear leggings

And if jackets are not your thing, try an oversized top with stripes.

For a classy outfit, you need to change the material and instead of lycra, get some leather leggings. This way you will add dimension to the outfit. Pair them with a blazer- any blazer, a top and a pair of heels.

print leggings

If you feel bold you can add some print into the outfit. Maybe animal print?

Tights VS Leggings

If is not acceptable to wear leggings with something that is not covering your private areas, is defiantly not acceptable to wear tights as pants. And I hope anybody knows this. Sheer leggings are made to wear under skirts, dresses or even shorts, not by themselves. They are like a layering piece to your outfit and can come in handy in cold weather. Tights can also give the illusion of slimmer and longer legs.

legging with skirt

If you have a shorter skirt and you don’t feel comfortable to wear it by itself, try pairing it with some tights underneath.

Holiday party outfit inspiration black lace dress

The sheer leggings or tights can be of a different density, depending on the season, you should have at least two pairs.

Sports leggings

The only time is acceptable to wear leggings with a crop top is in the gym. Now, what material should your sports leggings be? Good question. Stay away from cotton, you want something that absorbs the sweat and that are the technical or performance fabrics. Yes, they are a little bit pricey, but is better to spend more and be comfortable than to have an excuse to not workout, am I right?

Kendall jenner flashes her midriff as she goes to cafe alfred

How to take care of leggings?

Since nobody really reads the labels anymore, here are a few things you should know about how to maintain your leggings.

How to wearleggings

  1. Wash them in cold water.
  2. Avoid the dryer- leave them out to air dry.
  3. Do not iron them!
  4. If they are leather or fake leather leggings, wash them inside out.


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