Nail polish is like a potato chip: you can’t have just one bottle.

It is a great, subtle embellishment that can be changed at a whim to seamlessly coordinate with the next outfit. But what do you do with your collection of nail polish?

You could throw all Your nail polish into a shoe box under your bathroom sink. Or, you could use a nail polish rack.

Nail polish colors are very appealing to the eyes and could be displayed in a nail polish rack as a piece of art.

Best Nail Polish Racks 2017

Nail polish racks come in all shapes and sizes and colors, So that you can display your hard earned nail polish collection, while not clashing with the rest of your decor.

These display racks can be made of wood, metal, plastic and other materials and come in many styles and colors.

Here are 10 of the best nail polish racks.

Title:Capacity (Bottles)Dimension (inches) 
Pana Black 6 Tier12621L x 1.8W x 25H Check Price
Home-it Nail Polish Rack10224L x 2W x 20H Check Price
Tree Silhouette6623.6 L x 23.6 H x 2.75 Check Price
3 Tier Acrylic Nail Polish Rack33-4515L x 1.7W x 2H Check Price
5 Tier Acrylic Nail Polish Holder606L x 2W x 11H Check Price
MyGift Metal Nail Polish10824.5L X 2W X 29H Check Price
Vintage Nail Polish Cosmetic Organizer6019.7L X 2.4W X 23.6H Check Price
Nail Polish Wall Rack Display9624H x 21L x 2W Check Price
Nail Polish Table Rack Display36Not given Check Price
Spinning Carousel Display Rack5015.25H X 9 Diameter Check Price

1. Pana Black 6 Tier – Large Wall Mounted Metal Rack

Black nail polish rack
Dimensions: 21L x 1.8W x 25H inches

This nail polish rack is beautiful. In black, it is classy and elegant and ready to work. But, this rack comes in many other colors such as green, pink, purple, silver, white, blue and gold.

The rack has 6 tiers of nail polish storage and is 25 inches tall. Each tier is 4 inches high and 21 inches wide. This rack boasts an impressive capacity of 126 nail polish bottles.

It weighs 6 pounds and is easy to put up on the wall.

This nail polish rack is made to be hung on a wall specifically, but appears sturdy enough that you could lean it against a wall and it would still function well and look great.

This nail polish rack boasts that it is “indestructible”. As with any claim to this, purchasers should not expect this nail polish rack to hold up to anything other than what it was designed for.

However, because this nail polish rack is made out of metal, you should expect a solid, durable product.

2. Home-it Nail Polish Rack – Nail Polish Organizer Holds up to 102 Bottles

102 bottles nail polish wall rack acrylic
Dimensions: 24L x 2W x 20H inches

You may not be the type to put acrylic on your nails, but this acrylic nail polish rack should definitely be a consideration for your nail polish storage.

It is clear so it does not stand out but rather blends into wherever you choose to put it. At 4 pounds, it is easy to mount to a wall.

This rack has 6 tiers and can fit 17 nail polish bottles per row to accommodate 102 bottles.

This nail polish rack is specifically designed to be hung on the wall.

While the clear acrylic is great as a subtle nail polish holder, it will scratch and scuff which may require extra care. Additionally, if it falls down, it could be subject to cracking or breaking completely, so make sure you hang it well.

3.Tree Silhouette – Wall Mounted 5 Tier Salon Nail Polish Rack

Nail polish tree rack
Dimensions: 23.6 L x 23.6 H x 2.75 W

The designer of this nail polish rack took inspiration from nature. Specifically, the Tree of Life.

This is a favorite nail polish rack, because it is a piece of art in itself, yet serves a functional purpose of storing nail polish. Though it only holds approximately 66 bottles of nail polish, this product advertises that it can be used to hold other small bottles as well.

The tree nail polish rack comes in black, bronze and white and is made out of sturdy metal. It weighs 4.3 pounds and is designed specifically to be hung on a wall.

However, its smaller size may make this product adaptable to lean against a wall on a display counter.

4. 3 Tier Acrylic Nail Polish Rack – Hold 33-45 Bottles

Pretty display invisible acrylic polish rack
Dimensions: 15L x 1.7W x 2H

The unique quality of this nail polish “rack” is that it is not a “rack” at all, but 3 separate shelves. Making this the most customizable nail polish rack on this list.

Each rack is 15 inches wide and approximately 2 inches tall with a similar depth.

If you use all 3 shelves you can store 33-45 bottles of nail polish. Additionally, the smaller size and the fact that this is not a “rack” is great for making a custom nail polish storage as you can hang as many up as you need.

They are light enough and small enough that you could hang this nail polish rack on the back of a door or inside a cabinet.

It is made of quality acrylic that does not require any assembly on the purchasing end, which means no scratches, cracks, glue smudges or other unsightly errors.

5. 4 Tier Acrylic Nail Polish Holder – Five Step Counter Display Holds Up 60 Bottles

Acrylic nail polish rackThis small acrylic nail polish rack is great for small desktop spaces. It is not designed to be hung on the wall and is most efficient as a display on a flat surface.

It is a 5 tier nail polish rack made with sturdy, clear acrylic. This makes it very easy to clean and very easy to see each and every nail polish bottle in your collection.

The reviewers also say that it fits even the most awkward nail polish bottle so you can rest assured that your entire collection will have a place in this nail polish rack.

Though it is not very tall, it still holds upwards of 60 bottles of nail polish. And because of its simple design, you can put multiple units next to each other to make your display wider.

People who bought this product were very happy with it overall. One reviewer even commented how easy it is to paint and customize this nail polish holder.

Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 11 inches
Price: Not listed

6. MyGift Metal Nail Polish – Mountable 6 Tier Organizer Display Rack, Black

Mygift diy nail polish rack
Dimensions: 24.5L X 2W X 29H

This nail polish rack is a very simple elegant. It has fancy metal work on the top, but the rest is simple and functional.

It is made of metal so it is very sturdy but can be hung on a wall with only 2 screws. And the hanging supplies are included, taking out the guess work of hanging this product on the wall.

This nail polish rack comes in black or white and both look great.

It is a 6 tier rack that holds about 18 nail polish bottles per row for an impressive capacity of 108.

This is not a rack that can be used on a table top without being secured in some way to a wall.

Reviewers say that while this is a nail polish rack, it can be used for essential oils, nail polish and other small bottled items.

Another reviewer stated that they were able to put 3 on these nail polish racks together to make a totally custom nail polish rack.

7. Vintage Nail Polish Cosmetic Organizer – Wall Mounted 5 Tier Display Rack

Vintage nail polish rack
Dimensions: 19.7L X 2.4W X 23.6H

This nail polish rack sets the bar for a beautiful nail polish rack. It comes in black or bronze and is classy enough to be hung in any space for any items that you want to store or display.

The nail polish rack has 5 tiers and fits most nail polish sizes.

Because of the decorative border, this would not be as useful on a flat surface and is designed to be hung on a wall.

Reviewers love this item and use this rack for all different kinds of cosmetics, oils and small knick knacks.

This nail polish rack says that it holds 60 nail polishes but some reviewers warn that 50 nail polish bottles might be more realistic.

8. Nail Polish Wall Rack Display – Can Hold up to 96 Bottle

Nail polish wall rack display
Dimensions: 24H x 21L x 2W

This acrylic wall display case is one of the few that is designed specifically to be leaned up against the wall. It is not adaptable to be hung on a wall, but does need a sturdy surface to lean against.

With 6 tiers able to hold 16 bottles of nail polish each, this is one of the larger capacity nail polish racks that can hold up to 96 nail polish bottles. And it can hold the larger, more awkward shaped bottles with no issue.

The acrylic is clear and is able to hold stickers or any other customization that you need.

Reviews are hugely positive for this product and boast a quality product that holds nearly every kind of the nail polish bottle and many, many different kinds of makeup and essential oils.

While art supplies don’t fit as well, this nail polish rack seems to have many different uses.

9. Nail Polish Table Rack Display (Hold Up To 36 Bottles)

Nail polish table display
Buy it on Amazon

This 6 tiered nail polish rack is ideal for a desktop or open work space.

It is made of strong acrylic and holds 36 bottles of nail polish. Though a few reviewers noted that it will fit even more depending the make of the nail polish.

The downside to this nail polish rack is that you have to assemble it upon arrival. Some customers who purchased this item had issues with the pre drilled holes not being in the correct places and struggled to put it together.

The “rails” that hold the nail polish bottles in place are low so it does not work as well for other cosmetics as another nail polish rack.

Other reviews are very positive with many customers stating that it is sturdy and looks great. Others are using this nail polish rack for different essential oils.

10. Spinning Carousel Display Rack – Saloon Style 3 Tier makeup Organizer

Nail polish display rack
Dimensions: 15.25H X 9 Diameter

This is the winner for most unique design. This is most definitely a display nail polish rack, because of the artistic decals.

This nail polish rack has 3 shelves and can hold about 50 bottles, depending on their size and shape. On above shelf you can store extra tall nail polishes comfortably.

It is made of sturdy metal while it only comes in black color, the design is classic and should blend well with any decor.

Reviews state that this rack looks just as great as it does in the picture. It is applauded for its design and you can place it comfortably even on your dressing table.

Nail Polish Rack Buyer’s Guide

The number one rule when buying something online, or anything really, is to make sure that you measure your space accurately so you are sure that the item will fit in your space.

It is also very important to read the dimensions very carefully. Sometimes the dimensions are listed width x height x length, but other times height x depth x length.

While online is usually the best place to buy nail polish racks because you can see the item, you can see the reviews and you can get an idea of how it will look in your space.

However, there are other places to look as well, such as thrift stores and garage sales. You can actually see the product, you will generally get a much better deal and you don’t have to worry about shipping or returns.

Another thing to consider when buying online is shipping cost. This can easily bump your cost up 10%-20%.

Finally, if you are not sold on any of the online options, you can always make your own. By making your own you can decide how many nail polish bottles you want to store and how tall to make the shelves.

You can also customize the design so that it fits into your decor. Your first search should be to Pinterest for an endless supply of DIY ideas for nail polish racks.

Here is an easy step by step DIY nail polish rack using a picture frame:

  • Build (or buy) shelving that is just tall and deep enough for your nail polishes with an overall width and height of the inner open space in the frame
  • Cut 1/8 inch dowel rods to the length of the width of the shelf. Cut one for each shelf (to keep the nail polishes from falling out)
  • Attach dowel rods 3/4 – 1 inch above the bottom of each shelf near the front
  • Paint or stain shelves and frame to your preferred color
  • Attach frame to shelving
Here are a video about DIY Wood Nail Polish Rack, it will help you how to build your own rack step by step.

This video tutorial is more easy as they give step by step guide to build Nail polish rack by yourself without any power tools.

Once you put all of your nail polishes on the shelving, it will look like your very own piece of framed art.
If you are still collecting nail polish for yourself, here is a great review article by fashionista. They tested ten nail polishes to check which one last longer.