Boots are flirty, exciting and fabulous regardless of the season and especially when worn with skirts. There are thousands of style combinations to pair skirts with boots. The only thing that matters is to feel comfortable, because a confident woman comfortable in her clothes, look sexy. Here are certain things that you should kept in mind when pairing skirts with boots.

sexy and bold skirt boot combinationIn the past days, brown skirts paired up with black shoes considered a big fashion blunder. But nowadays, the fashion is not restricted like that, you can use any kind of combination.

boots with pencil skirt

Leather boots with a pencil skirt gives a highly professional look. For some casual looks, a short black pencil skirt can be paired with brown shoes of a lighter shade. There are several ways of pairing different kinds of skirts with boots.

skirts with knee high bootsA knee length skirt worn with tall riding boots makes up a classic look. These bold riding shoes can be worn with skirts that have bright and cheeky colors and patterns.

Pencil skirts with knee high bootsOne other combination that grabs the attention is pairing of an above the knee skirt with an over the knee boot unless and until they do not hug each other.

leather skirts with bootsMiniskirts should not be paired with a wide-topped boots. Pleated skirts can be worn with tight over the knee shoes.

skirts with boots TaylorKnee length skirts are the best ones as they can be paired with any boots without any difficulty. Over the knee boots with knee length skirts give a sexy and casual look.

boots and skirts If you love to show off your legs, try wearing boots with heels, so that others remain stunned. It is better to pair up open skirts with high heels and closed ones with flat shoes.

Skirt boots and tightsAccessories play a major role when you decide to wear a skirt with boots. A skirt and boot combination can be filtered by pairing it up with black tights that would give a professional and elegant look. Fun patterned leggings can be worn if you want to have a bohemian look. If you necklaces or earrings match up with your boots, then it is a plus point and makes your outfit stand out.

Here are some ideas for skirts with boots combination, you may try.
floral skirts with boot

outfit leather full skirt high isabel marant boots party

plaid midi skirt


short skirt with long shoes

skirts boots

skirts with boots knee socks ready forfall