We know that your little girl needs to keep her hair off her face so she can play around all summer. Maybe you got bored of doing the same ponytail every single day so we put together 20 of the best hairstyles for this summer. This way she ca run free at the play dates and you can make sure her hair will stay almost clean and in one place.

The choices are endless from the classic French braids to the fishtail or even a twisted kind of up-do. Here are the best ones. Hope they will inspire you and give you a break from thinking each day how to do her hair next.

Braids for kids with long hair

Yes, we know, long hair is beautiful. But not really practical, especially for a kid. Keep in mind that if you braid your hair, it will stay for a longer time clean. See the best hairstyles to braid her hair.

Keep it off her face with a waterfall braid. This is easy and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Make sure you secure it with pins so it will stay on all day.

braids for kids

Switch things up in the classic French braids and pin them together in the middle. Braids for kids

Or make them a little bit bigger by pulling from the sides. Also tie them together at the bottom. Braids for kids

Here is a simple French bread, give them a messy feel by pulling the sides.Braids for kids

French braid again but this time is not all the way, the bottom is tied with a tie. Use clear ones for a maximum effect.Braids for kids

Or you can do a French braid on the sides in a casual way. braids for kids

You can make it even pretty by adding some beads. This is super easy to do, under 5 minutes and you can add the beads later on. This would be perfect if you have a black tie event and take your kids along.Braids for kids

If you think that appliques are cool, instead of adding braids you can add some floral hair pins. Again, super easy to do, under 5 minutes. Braids for kids

If you have some time on your hands, you can do this feather hair style with a heart in the middle. You can add a bow and this will be perfect for a summer wedding. Braids for kids

Another feather hair style is this one. You can have it done in under 10 minutes. Add a flower for a chic look. Braids for kids

This is a french braid incorporated in a ponytail. You can always add a colorful hair tie.

Braids for kids

Or do a ponytail with a french bread on the bottom.

Braids for kids

Do a classic fishtail and add a bow on the top.
Braids for kids

And if you have some more time, you can do three French braids and bring them together in the middle.Braids for kids

Mohawks braids for kids

They are not that easy to do, but they will last a lot longer and you can keep them on for two weeks. This is a great idea because it will save you a lot of time in the morning and it looks interesting.

You can bring them together and have the whole hair braided.


But you could only braid the bottom and leave it free at the end.

Switch thing ups and do a french braid on top of a Mohawks hair style.3Cornrows for kids

This is better than a Mohawk hair style is a cornrow, because it fixes the hair even better.

cornrows for kids

Add some cute buns. Two on the sides.cornrows for kids

Or just a bun in the middle. cornrows for kids