Burgundy nails are the “go to” nail color for a girl boss. Burgundy stands for ambition, leadership, and determination. All the adjective that a strong independent woman is looking for, so why not embrace them through your nail color?

After all, you know the saying: fake it til you make it.

The joke aside, burgundy nails are classy and perfect for any occasion.They fit any skin tone and any outfit or season.

No, you can’t only wear them in the fall and winter, they also look perfect in the spring and summer time.
Burgundy Nails

The benefits of burgundy nails

Here are 3 reasons why your next manicure should be a burgundy one:

  • They match any style- Are you a classy woman or a grunge style lover? It fits both of you.
  • You don’t need to worry because the color burgundy matches anybody’s skin tone.
  • If you are not into gel manicures, it’s ok, you can get burgundy nails at home without a lot of effort
burgundy nails designs

Burgundy Nail Designs

Matte Burgundy Nails

Matte nails became big a few years ago and since then we are still going crazy for them.Matte burgundy nails look classy with a soft edge to them. Here is a tip, instead of buying matte nail polish that usually dries out really quickly because of its formula, get a matte top coat(you can get them from OPI, China Glaze, Revlon, and Essie) and apply it over your favorite basic nail polish. And boom, you payed for one color and got two.

Matte burgundy nails

burgundy nails matte

Burgundy Nails With glitter

I love this option and you will too because you can get it at home, without spending extra money at the salon. Just get a glittery polish and paint over your ring finger. It will look like you put in extra effort when in reality, you didn’t waste any time on them.

 burgundy nails with glitters glitters with burgundy nailsburgundy and gold nails with glitters

Geometric designs

If you are an expert, you can get them done by yourself at home or go to the salon.I suggest a gold design over burgundy because it looks the best.

Classy burgundy nail designs

Rhinestones are always a good idea and they look amazing on nails. How about this design?

Burgundy nail geomatric shape

And because it’s almost summer, the best option is a floral design.Have your nails matte and add some white flowers draw over.

burgundy nails with flower motiff

Or maybe you want all the above: rhinestones, floral and matte. Here is an option that looks classy even how it has so many elements to it. Remember less is more.

Burgundy and black nails

Black and Burgundy Combination

Black and burgundy is always a good idea. It will give an edgy feel to your nails. You can add the black on the top just like this:

Burgundy with black combination

Or have a geometrical feel to them with a stripped design.

burgundy and black nail design

Makeup tips For burgundy nails

I don’t usually believe that match looks actually go together but in this instance, I will make an exception. If you want to stand out and add an interesting detail to your look, match your nails with your lips.

match burgundy nails with makeup

And since you are going all out with the bold lip color, keep it simple with the eye makeup. Just some eyeliner and false lashes should be enough.

makeup and nails combination

Go all out and if your nails are matte have your lips matte as well.

Burgundy makeup matte nails with same lipstick

Or have the both real shiny, just like this:

Almond burgundy nails classy look

Maroon Vs Burgundy nails

I noticed a lot of people mistake the two and yes they are close, but so different. Burgundy is the wine and Maroon is a singer. No, but for real, burgundy is a deep red and has red undertones and maroon is a deep purple, that means it also has a blue undertone.
burgundy vs maroon

The best burgundy nail polish

If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on nail polish, the best option is “Wine Not” from Rimmel London. I can tell you for a fact it will last for a week if you use a base coat and a top coat.

burgundy nail polish

An option that is between cheap and expensive is the OPI “Malanga Wine”. With OPI you know you get what you pay for. Their nail polish stays on for a week without a top coat and the brush makes it so much easier to apply the polish.

Burgundy Nails polish

The high-end option is the Chanel 637 “Malice”. This one has a personality of her own because of the soft sparkle.

Chanel malice swatch sunlight

I hope you enjoy our post of burgundy nails designs, please don’t hesitate to share it on your favorite social media with friends.