Now that your big day has arrived, and you have selected your wedding dress, it’s time now to think about your bridesmaid dresses. Take a good look at your dress and also at the theme of the wedding, whether its classic, bohemian, vintage and accordingly the bridesmaid’s dresses can be decided upon. After Bride Dress, Bridesmaid dresses are the most important dress at any wedding for a girl.

bridesmaid-dresses-navy-blueCheck out the latest bridesmaid dresses and after picking out something you like, e-mail them the photos and ask for their opinion, listen patiently to their feedback on your choice and start out from there.

Selecting the Bridesmaid dresses


The girls may not be thrilled with your choice of bridesmaid dresses and may even want to change or alter it according to the latest style, try not to get upset or make them uncomfortable but communicate effectively so that all are on the same page.

bridesmaid-cropWhile deciding on the color of the bridesmaid dresses, consider the weeding season. Another important thing is that take the entire bridesmaid’s opinion into consideration. Make sure the color suits all as there may be a mix of dark skin tones and fair ones among the girls and working a two-color palette (think mauve and purple) to please everybody could also be considered.

purple-bridesmaid-dresses-for-dark-skinAlso while choosing the style of the dress, keep in mind everybody’s figure types, because you would not want to put a busty bridesmaid into a strappy dress, and before choosing short dresses make sure they are comfortable putting their legs on display.

sexy-bridesmaid-dressGetting your maid of honor to help choosing the bridesmaid dresses would be of great help as she would be someone whom you know and completely trust. Also, the maid of honor would be the first person the bridesmaids would tell if they don’t like the dress rather than tell you, as they would not want to ruin your big day.

Sticking to the budget

bridesmaid-dressAccording to tradition, bridesmaids pay for their dresses. Therefore you must try to find a dress that they would like to wear again. Simple styles like empire waists, A-line dresses or separates could be considered in place of elaborate or designer gowns.

hot-bridesmaid-dressesBridesmaid dresses are expensive, and if the bridesmaids are demanding for a second dress for them to change for the reception, then you will have to take a call on whether you can afford it or not, it is best for you to let them know your decision before the wedding to avoid any unpleasantness.