Crochet braids are bigger and better than ever. They are easy to do, cheap and look so fabulous. It’s a look that will turn heads on the street and can help you out with the frizz and the endless process every single day of arranging your hair.

Celebrities had crochet braids hairstyles for the longest time. From Alicia Key to Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, they all tried at list once on the red carpet.

If you are looking for a change, crochet braids may be for you. But before we start just ask a few questions from yourself:

  • Are you tired of doing your hair every morning?
  • Does your hair looks like a mess when the humidity is high?
  • Bigger is always better for you?

If your answers are yes then Great, you can continue reading and get crochet braids.

First, let’s talk about what they are.

What are crochet braids?

Crochet Braids refer to hair extensions that crocheted on your natural hair with the help of a needle usually called crochet needle. Crochet braiding is a technique and someone with extra expertise can install the hair extensions properly.

First of all you have to make cornrows braids and than install the extensions inside the cornrow braids by using crochet needle.

See it this way: Crochet braids are “hooked” in your natural hair. Here we share some pro and cons of crochet braiding, it will help you to decide either choose this hairstyle or not.
  • Installing Crochet braids are very easy, even you can do it in your home
  • Crochet weaving takes very little time to install, you can get a completely new hairstyle in less than 3 hours. (depending on the design you choose)
  • If install properly no one can tell the difference between crochet braids and your own natural hair
  • Crochet Braids are relatively cheap, you can get a pack on less than $10
  • Crochet braids are not easy to wash .
  • You need to do extra care of your braids, you will have to use some products daily to keep them soft.
  • It is difficult finding a way to protect the curls while sleeping.
Crochet braids

How to do Crochet Braids?

We will cover in here the crochet braids technique, the maintenance it required and cost and price to get crochets. But, first how to exactly you get braiding?

Well, the easiest technique is to make cornrows braid of your natural hair and then you will add the extensions at the end using a crochet hook, to give off the illusion of continuity. Crochet braids come in packs that are sorted by length, color and style. So your hair will look double as cute with less effort.

Here is a DIY crochet braids tutorial for beginners. I know its not easy, but its the easiest and cheapest way to get the hairstyle at your home.

Here is another video, the result is just awesome and its look so natural in end.

Well, its look easy in videos to make your own crochet braids hairstyle, but if you are not an expert and you never make braids before than you should go to saloon. Or you may ask help of some of your friend.

Crochet Braids Basic Pattern

This picture explains how your hair should look at the begging of the process right before you start applying the extensions. You want the braids to be in a pattern that can look natural- make them straight.
Crochet braids braiding pattern

Crochet braids pattern

Maintenance and Care

I know some of you may be afraid to read the cons above, but let me clear in here. Crochet braids don’t need any special care (if you don’t want wear them for months). Once they are hooked in, you don’t need to wash them that often, you don’t need to apply God knows what oils and you can keep them on up to 4 weeks. If you want them to last a whole month, put them up in a bun when you go to sleep, brush them. You can even style them with the blow dryer or give them waves.

Price And Cost

They are a cheaper option than traditional extension. Usually a pack of crochet braids made for natural hair can be around 20-25 $ while a pack of synthetic braids are around 5-10$. You should throw in a few more bucks if you want something of quality that will actually be easy to use and will not look fake.

If you get the pack of hair for crochet braids, you will also need a crochet hook (needle) to put them on. Again, get a quality one.

Crochet Braids Styles

They are as many options as they are fish in the sea. You can get them for long hair, short hair, straight, bunk, whatever works for you.

Add in some color

If you always wanted purple hair but you don’t really want to dye your hair, this is the option for you. You can have the look without the consequences. And not only purple, try them in red, blue, green, or any other color that you love but afraid to be permanent.

Crochet braids hairstyles

Havana twist Crochet Braids

With or without the huge bun in the front, the Havana twist crochet braids means you will have your hairstyle done in 30 minutes. Yes That’s true, you can install Havana twist within half an hour.

Havana twist crochet braids

Short Crochet Hairstyles

What to have your hair short for a while but you don’t want to cut it off? Here is a great option. This is like a faux short bob but with a little more volume.

Crochet braid hairstyle for short hair

Short crochet hairstyles

Crochet Box Braids

If the Havana option is a little to much for you, the classic french braid is exactly what you need. You can get those in a bulk and add them on to your hair without the actual work of braiding that much hair on your own.

Box braids hairstyle crochet twist braids hair extension color senegalese twist hair crochet

Crochet braids box braids

Crochet Braids Twist

To get this style on your natural hair is a pain in the a**, especially because you would need to use so much spray that if you turn on a lighter your hair might be on fire. But the crochet braids twist is super easy and fast. And as 21 century woman, we don’t really have a lot of time to spear.

Crochet braids havana twists purple

Freetress crochet hair style

How to do crochet braids twist

Best Hair for Crochet Braids

We talked about the braids but you can also have your hair curly or straight depending of what look you are going for. Also, if you get a quality pack of crochet braids, you can curl them yourself but not by using heat. And please, be safe and try applying heat before you put them on your head, so you will not burn off your skin.

Curly hair

Curling your hair can take a lot of time. With the crochet braids, you can have your curls tight or big. I suggest applying them really tight and then pulling them while using a hair dryer to have the curls a little bit loose.

So, here are some small curls on the side that look so put together:

Crochet braid curly hair

Or those that are a little bit more loose, but still on the tight side:

Crochet braids unravelled mambo twistsAnd those are really lose with a lot of volume:

Long curly crochet braidsCan you also get beachy waves? Yes, you can. Here is the example.Crochet braid with straight hair

Crochet braids for straight hair

I know the struggle of adding in a little bit more volume, if your hair is flat as the sea. Crochet braids can add in all that extra volume without getting freeze if you go out. Also, they will not go flat because your natural hair is giving them an extra push from the underneath.
Crochet braids for straight hair
If you already read all the detail than now its the time to implement the style. Just buy the Crochet braids from any hair saloon in your area or you may also buy it online. Next you may apply it by yourself in home, or if you don’t want be panic just go to any Saloon near you and they will do it for you.

And don’t forget to share your experience with us in comments, also if you want to add something on this post, it will help us to improve and provide more accurate and better information.