The disconnected undercut look really cool & sexy and one of the men’s favorite hairstyle even in 2017. In simple words disconnected haircut usually a contrast between the very small or shaved side hair and longer on the top.

We are going in detail by providing a short history, the difference between undercut and disconnected undercut, how to get the disconnected undercut, how to style and few celebrities worn this hairstyle. So keep reading.

Disconnected undercut

The original undercut style was in fashion for the first time during the Edwardian Era (1910-1940) and represented a trend and evolution not only on hair style, but also reflected the societal culture during that time, and the evolution in the Western World. Was a time of opulence between 1st WW and the 1927 Crash. Wikipedia

Undercut Vs Disconnected Undercut

Undercut Vs Disconnected Undercut

In the disconnected undercut there isn’t any fading or only hardly noticeable fading from sides to top. The hair on the top is always long (this means longer than 2 inches), while the side are short and in same size. Sometimes, the disconnect line can be smoothed, which is favorable when you have curly hair.

In the undercut hairstyle the sides of the hair are shorter than the air at the top. The side hair are not same size, and become longer as going to top.

How to get disconnected undercut

Slicked back disconnected undercutAre you thinking to get disconnected haircut? Have decided about the classic undercut, with skin tight sides, softer or blunt transition? Yes, it can be hard to think about all these questions that can be more technical than you think, so the first thing you should do is talk to your barber.

Make sure your hair stylist or barber have enough experience with disconnected undercut, and ask for some advice (where the disconnect line should be, how much hair length on the top should you use or which side your hair be combed).

First of all, you will need to let your hair grow at least to 4 inches. This is important to achieve sufficient hair transition from sides to top. When the time to choose where to draw the disconnect line, there are essentially 3 ways to go:
  • Right below the round of the head;

The first option (right below the round of the head), is the more conservative and the one that resembles more the original undercut. It is the most secure option if you’re considering a disconnected haircut for the first time and it will give you the choice to play with the hair on top, creating different textures and forms, which will make your disconnected unique.
Disconnected undercut line 1

  • On the round of the head;

The second option, is the one that will best fit on your head. It is very difficult and need a lot of care, as little mistake can make your hairstyle worst. To draw a line on the round of the head is not easy, consider it only if you fully trust on your barber skills.
Disconnected undercut line 2

  • Above the round of the head.

The third option, is the more aggressive and associated with the ‘bad boy’s’. This version is not recommendable for everyone, and it is the one that will give you less space to play with the top hair, as it should be almost always combed one side or just back.

Disconnected undercut 2017
Image courtesy of Javi Barber

Styling disconnected haircut with BluMaan

If you have long hair on top, then your it is perfect for styling. We know sometimes it can be hard to make your hair look like you want, but we will unveil the hidden secret: Blumaan! Well, not so hidden… You can use this styling Meraki, to make any style of your hair. It will allow you to curly, comb one side or another, comb back or front, drawn forms and volumes where you want.

Here is a video by BluMaan Disconnected Undercut/Modern Quiff – How to Style it.

Disconnected Undercut Comb Over Style

Disconnected undercut comb overWith the disconnected Undercut style, the more usual option is the Comb Over style. In this style, the hair at the top head which is significantly higher than the sides, is combed one side, with slightly curly, and, if necessary, fixed with BlumMaan. The hair tips from the top are a little longer and can be asymmetrical, giving a unique effect as they fall on the shorter sides.

Celebrities with Disconnected Undercut

There is an endless list of well-known names that use disconnected undercut hair style: However, they all have something in common: the sexy look! Let’s check some to take the test.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett johansson undercutScarlett looks amazing in her disconnected undercut! She has reflected her somehow wild personality with color: blonde tresses at the tips, with darker roots. You can also see that she opted for longer upper hair, so she can play with curly.

Brad Pitt

Brad pitt disconnected haircutThe “Bad Boy” carnation! Brad Pitt uses really short hair on the sides, and short on top, almost without any transition, which makes an even more aggressive, but sexy look.

Alice Dellal

Alice dellal disconnected undercut styleAlice Dellal uses a variation in which the sides are shorter, and the top part is extra-long. In this variant, it is possible to use different styles of ponytail at the top.

Thomas Davenport

Thomas davenport haircut
A more classical and conservative style. The transactions are more subtle, the color evenly, and the hair combed to the side is a classic!


Pink haircutIn an ultra-feminine version of the hairstyle. Pink is an absolute Queen in what concerns to disconnected undercut!

Olivier Giroud

Olivier giroud haircut disconnectedOne of the hottest players in the world, proves once again that in sports, there are also fashion and trends. He gives his contribution by making more women want to watch football games.

Miley Cyrus

Miley cyrus hairstyles short haircutIf there is a “Bad Boy” look, Miley Cyrus is absolutely no doubt the “Bad Girl”. Red lipstick and faux leather jacket give her that punk look. The rebel way has marked a change point in her life (just look back in 2010 and remember!).

We could continue our list long way down, but these are only examples for you to get inspired in your disconnected undercut. As you can see, there are a lot of different styles, colors, lengths, forms, volumes and lines that can be drawn. Every style has advantages and confers a different style, which can be more or less feminine, can be aggressive or sexy, and can be soft or bold.

Your choice will reflect your personality, will be a reflection of who you really are inside!

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