Welcome to October! You want your costumes according to the coming autumn. Halloween costumes will inspire your friends and family members. How can you come up with the best selection of creative Halloween costumes? Here are some of informative suggestions:

How to Make a Halloween Costume?

Halloween costumes 2016At first step, make a symbol or trace a figure on the front of the costume. If you have made a specific symbol separate from the costume, glue it on the actual place. You can modify an eye mask too. It will look like a super hero mask. The mask, shirt and the pair of leggings become an excellent collection of a homemade Halloween costume.

Funny Halloween Costumes

Halloween costumes funny

For this purpose, you do not need so much effort and any previous costume-making experience. These are based on cut outs of humorous words. Cut outs of smileys, cheeseburger, hot dog, yip yip costume, clown costume, sausage, sesame street garment, muscle, potato, ghost, magic hat rabbit costume, snowman, wolf and gorilla costumes and many more ideas are really funny. These will definitely be hilarious and most suitable for a comedy costume event. So, go and enjoy the big laughs.

Mario Halloween Costumes

Mario halloween costumesA red hat is an important aspect of a Mario costume. Red baseball is the best choice for this hat. The white circle and the red “M” on the front is the requirement for a true Mario costume character.

Safari Halloween Costumes

Safari halloween costumesA brown or khaki vest, hiking boots and binoculars glasses are basically needed for these Halloween costumes. A yellow suit will be fit for Halloween costume of the lion and long thick hair on the head for giving the real wild animal impression. Fishing line pants are suitable for fish characters in movies.

Easy and Cute Halloween Costumes:

Halloween costumes for kidsThere are many instructions and ideas for making adorable Halloween costumes easily. Sometimes, you even do not need to get your shirt stitched. Some Halloween costumes are for mother and child together. Sometimes, symbols and patterns are attached to the costumes. These express the main objective of creating Halloween costumes. Like this, you can dress up yourself with superhero Halloween costumes.

Halloween costumes horrorMaking the cute and easy Halloween costumes requires a bag of colorful jelly beans, blown up balloons, a white sheet with holes for showing eyes and paints of different colors. White gloves are easily available for a complete Halloween costume.
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