22 Irresistible Gel Nail Designs You Need To Try in 2017

There are a lot of things you can’t really buy with money. But for all of them, there is a replacement. For example, you can’t buy happiness but you can buy nail polish and that is kinda the same thing.

A woman that takes care of herself will always have her nails on point. Yes, you can do your make-up flawless in the morning and a killer outfit, but if your nails are chipped and broken, means you don’t really take care of how you look.

Not to worry, we live in the 21 century and for every problem, there is a solution. You don’t need to get do your nails every five days anymore. Now, we have the gel nails. That means you can go to get a manicure once and it will last for three or four weeks.

How does this work? Well, the hard gel is applied on your natural nail and shaped in the form you please. After that, you can paint on whatever color and designs you feel it will fit you best.

But with so many options out there, what should you pick? Here are a few Gel nail designs I know you will love. These gel nails are easy to get and with latest styles to try in 2017.

Read with caution: After seeing these gel nail designs, you will be calling to make an appointment to get your nails done.

23. Gel Nail Designs with bottom

Gel Nail Designs with bottom part having a different color than the rest are really popular. They are easy to get and the effect is maximum. You will get a design that is both interesting to the eye but subtle. Quite classy I must add.

22. Gel Nails For Fall and Winter

You should try red and gold glitter for the fall and winter season. Those really go well with anything.
For spring try some gel nails with a nude base and glitter at the bottom. They will look super cute.

21. It’s summer in the city

For the summer time, here is a gel nail idea. Bright colors are always in when it comes to the hottest time of the year and considering your imagination is the limit, you should try something new. How about neon yellow and black and white zig-zags? Add some glitter and the other ones should be matte. Really cool, right?

20. Purple Gel Nail Designs

Purple is one of the best color to look stylish and elegant. These shining purple gel nail designs look really so attractive. You may add some glitters at the bottom or randomly to make it an awesome design.


19. In 3D is always fun

A bold option is to get your gel nails bedazzled with 3D accessories. They could be flowers and you can make those flowers as big as you like. These types of designs will give off a really interesting texture to your look. And they will look amazing in the pictures.

18. Small Bubbles

If flowers aren’t really your cup of tea, try these really small bubbles and instead of all the nails, do them on only one. Just look in the below picture, they look so cute.

17. Short Gel Nails

DO you like short nail? No Problem, there are a lot of designs for you in there in gel nails. Check out this simple and elegant design of short gel nail, its perfect for working women.


16. Gel Nail Design – White and silver

These should have the first on the “what design to get for small gel nails” list. White works best on everything and with everything. But if you throw in some glitter you have yourself a really amazing mix!

15. Diamonds are a girl’s best friends

These are the perfect nails for those of you that what to add a little bit of sparkle to your daily life. Gel nail designs with “diamonds” are one of the most popular designs out there. So don’t be afraid to shine!

14. Random Nails

You may try to add some gems on random nails or choose some specific fingers. It’s not important to put the diamonds on all the nails.

13. A little bit of glitter never killed anybody

When I say glitter I don’t mean pink glitter topped off with a zebra print. You can have your nails glittery without being too much.

12. Vacation Ready

Here is a tip, before finals or exams get your nails done with something that looks good and makes you work harder for the reward. After all is good to look at something nice when you work and this design with a palm tree is perfect.

11. The edgy choice

Black nails are for the type of women that are not afraid to be edgy, add in some silver glitter and you know she is the real deal.

10. Romantic Choice

Nude gel nails and glitter on just one? Yes, please. In especially if they are in a similar base shade. Just like those that are perfect for V day.

9. Red Gel Nail Designs

Red is the color of femininity and style. Choose the red gel nails if you like an extra bold style, it will enhance your beauty. Just use it with proper care, the combination with your dress and makeup is important.

8. Feeling Artsy

I always find the woman with complicated nail designs interesting. These ones are really pretty and perfect for spring time.

7. Neon and Glitter

If you are looking for Barbey girly nails, these are the ones for you. The neon gives them attitude and the glitter adds in some softens to the look.

6. Geometric!

Here is an idea, get gel nails and instead of colors add in just a design. Like this one in black and white stripes.

5. French Feel

We all know the french manicure and we all love it. Is a classic!

4. Easter Ready

Since Easter is almost here, is time to get your nails done and ready for the festive holiday. You have a million options, but I suggest you get them in a pastel color.And maybe add some glitter on one of them, just like this:

3. Mix It Up

Or you can go all out and add a bunny in the mix.

2. Simple and White Gel Nail Designs

Simple is always the best choice and it’s good to go with any type of dress, makeup. Gel nails lasts longer, so you have to choose, which is easy to go with maximum of your dresses. Here is a simple and white nail design for you, they can go well with maximum outfits.

I hope you like all the gel nail designs we share with you in here. Now it’s your turn, choose any design and go for it. Please don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in comments and also share this post with your friends on social media.





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