In the 80’s (if you do not remember this time you can always review photos!), feathered hairstyles was the trend not only between POP and ROCK musicians and cinema stars, but also for general Women who have their office jobs. I know that today these 80’s style looks may seem a little overdone or outdated (and you’re right), but what we suggest today is not return to the 80s, but an update of the feathered hairstyles for today.

Feathered hairstylesFortunately the current version of feathered hairstyle does not require huge amounts of hair lacquer, and the final results are lighter than the original, providing a less loaded yet equally sexy and fun style. This style is very popular, both now and in any era that any woman has tried it at least once in their lifetime.

What exactly Feathered Hair means?

Feathered hairstyles

Feathered Hair refers to a style in which the hair are lightly textured and gains a slight ripple. Curl or texturing is performed by layers, and may be different in different areas, but is performed so that this texturing “snaps” as a whole.

Feather cut long hairThese wavy contours are quite soft, and the term feathered is due to resemblance between these contours drawn in the hair and overlapping feathers of a bird. There is no minimum length required for moderation of hair in this way, and it is a style that can be adapted to both long, medium and short hair.

A well-made Feathered Hairstyle imparts natural styling to the hair, helps give volume and movement and will be easy to maintain.

Difference between feather cut and layer cut

At first glance these two hair styles may look very similar, but looking with a little more attention and detail, we see the first big difference:

Feathered hairstyle long hairIn Feathered Hairstyle curly modelers are achieved by cutting and modeling through the curling of hair by a professional or by yourself. On the other hand, in the Layer Hairstyle the breaks and ripples are achieved by the haircut and taking advantage of its ripple and natural trim.

Best shaggy feathered hairstyles for womenIn the Feathered style the hair is cut and modeled essentially at the tips, thus causing less damage to the hair strands. Although Feathered Hairstyle fits well to any type of hair, it helps control the volume better.

Feathered hairstyles step by step

You may follow this hair tutorial to get your perfect feathered hairstyle. You may also follow these step by step tutorial below.

  • To get the Feathered Hairstyle you should start as in any other haircut: wash well and prepare the hair for the next steps, remove all the impurities that might be me contact with the hair and could damages it during the process.
  • The cut is done with damp hair. Separate the hair in 5 to 7 strands according to the area where it is: lateral front right and left, rear right and left side and back. After separating these zones, lock them individually with springs. Depending on the size and density, you may need to do more or less hair strands. Also keep in mind where you want your hair streak to be when separating them.
  • Each of these strands of hair will now be worked on individually. It is advisable to start from the front of the hair. From the first bundle of hair, a small sub-wick will be removed, and with the help of a comb this will be combed upwards in relation to the head, forming a 180º angle. The tips of this wick should now be cut with the hair well stretched and maintaining the angle, in V-shaped form. Proceed similarly for the remaining sub-wicks of the first wick. And then, the other strands.
Take a Note:
The most important thing in the whole process is to keep the 180º angle well visible and aligned (which is not always easy, especially in long hair), and to work small strands individually. Picking up a large wick will give an unnatural air, and the cutting area will be visible.

I find another superb video in here, how to make DIY feather hair extensions, Enjoy!

Feathered Hairstyles for different lengths

This Hairstyle can be used for any type of length. Here we will describe in detail how to achieve best feathered haircut for different types of hair.

Feathered bob hairstyle

Short layered bob haircutsThe BOB hairstyle is the must have of the last years in what concerns to fashion hair! Stars like Rhianna, Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift or Toya Carter are just a few examples. All of them added to their BOB style a personalized Feathered Hairstyle. In this way the hair has gained more shape and movement, making the style even sexier and fun.

Medium Feathered hairstyles

Feathered hairstyles for medium hair
If your hair has a length slightly longer than the traditional BOB, the Feathered Hairstyle can also be applied. Think of examples like Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Macy Gray or Julianne Moore. In medium hairs the curly work should be light and well programmed, so that the contours fit well together.

Feathered hairstyles for short hair

Feathered hairstyles for short hairShort hair may be the most difficult to work with and for modelling and curl, but it is the one that certainly add more personality to the wearer. Some examples are Frankie Sandford, Halle Berry, Meg Ryan or Jane Fonda. It’s a style that fits a woman at any age! Playing with colors and tresses is a real bonus in this case!

Feathered cut for thin hair

Feather cut thin hairIf you have thin hair, the Feathered Hairstyle can be a good option to add volume and movement to your hair! In this case it is recommended a haircut not too long. The choice should fall in the medium or BOB style. The ripple should be well delineated, but with wide waves that do not weigh in the hair. The combination of the haircut and the ripple should fit well, so that it does not become too artificial.

Some products like lacquers or modeling foams can help fix the ripple and give volume. Although it is not convenient to over-use these products, especially if you already have thin and weak hair. There are several options on the market that offer treatment and protection to your hair while they fix!

Feather cut longI hope you enjoy our post about Feathered hairstyles, if you have any question in mind please ask in comments and don’t forget to share this post.