Are you thinking about getting a new hair style in the New Year? Great. Since you clicked on this article I supposed you already know you want a bob hair cut. Or maybe not, but after you read this you will want a curly inverted Bob haircut.

What is the bob haircut?

Bob haircutGreat question. The bob hairstyle is having your hair cut straight around the head at about your jaw level, often with bangs at the front. It can be cut at the level of the ears, below the ears of at the line of the shoulders.

When did the Inverted bob hairstyle appear?

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and I will tell when the bob hair cut showed up for the first time. Along history, women were considered beautiful as long as they had long hair. That was until World War One when woman needed to work in manufacture and the long hair was really practical.

Irene castle bob
Irene castle

The first woman whom had a bob hair cut is Lady Diana Cooper in UK and Irene Castle in America. The Times said the bob haircut was considered fashionable in the ’22. After that, the woman jumped on the trend and it has been around on and off along the years.

Are there different types of bob?

There are a lot of ways you can have your hair done in the bob style haircut. Here are just a few: Asian bob, A-line bob, chin-length bob, buzz cut bob, shaggy bob and curly inverted bob.

Which type of bob haircut you should get?

Chin length short hairstyleI am going to state the obvious: is practical, timeless, but in the same time in trend. You can never go wrong with a bob haircut. This year is going to be bigger than ever. Make a change and get a curly inverted bob.

The curly inverted bob.

Curly inverted bobIf you have naturally curly hair this is the haircut that will make you stand out the most and that will save you a lot of time in the morning. Just imagine, with the right hair stylist, you will wake up, brush your hair and be good to go about your day. The curly inverted bob is a hair cut  works with any style and at every age.

If you don’t have natural curly hair, don’t worry, there are ways to get your hair curly: Watch the video above, a tutorial to make your hair curly easily.

The layered bob haircut for curly hair

Arizona muse haircut bobCelebrities like Lucy Hale and Arizona Muse are all about the curly angled bob. This type of haircut is fresh and happening now. A hair cut like this will go best with a rebel personality and is no surprise Taylor Swift rocked the curly bob for a while.

Get an inverted bob with bangs.

Inverted bob with bangsBangs don’t work for everybody, but if you tried it before and you know it looks good on you, first of all you are lucky and second you need to add a bob haircut to the mix.

Remember the iconic look of Rihanna in Umbrella music video? She looked fearless and powerful with a curly inverted bob haircut.

The back view of the curly inverted bob

Good curly haircutsHere is a tip, before you chose any hair cut, check out the back not only the front. The graduated bob looks as good in the back as it looks in the front, even better I must add. It has a lot of volume and that will add dimension to your look. It looks like an organized mess and that screams girl boss.

Is the curly bob haircut for you?

Curly inverted bob boldAs I said earlier short hair is a look for a strong woman that knows exactly what she want and how to get it. The curly bob haircut is for a trend setter that it is not afraid of making a change and stand out for the ordinary. If you are the type of woman that isn’t afraid of a little change, go for it. Short hair, as I said earlier was introduced by the women that worked during the WW1 so you need to be a boss and own the short hair if you want it.

Curly inverted bob and fashion.

Curly hair bobWhenever I get a haircut I will first make sure it will go with my style and my clothing items. The curly graduated bob will work with any clothing item you own. Plus, you can go crazy with the accessories.

Curly inverted bob earringBig earrings look perfect with short hair. Off-the-shoulder tops that are the IT item right now will look so much better with a bob haircut, because the hair if out of the way and it will let the top shine by itself. And don’t get me started about the embellished shoulder shirts. Those are perfection with a curly bob haircut.

Here are 15 Ideas for Curly inverted Bob Haircut, hope you will like them.

Curly inverted bob (1)

Curly inverted bob (2)

Curly inverted bob (3)

Curly inverted bob (4)

Curly inverted bob (5)

Curly inverted bob (6)

Curly inverted bob (7)

Curly inverted bob (8)

Curly inverted bob (9)

Curly inverted bob (10)

Curly inverted bob (11)

Curly inverted bob (12)

Curly inverted bob (13)

Beyonce inverted curly bob

Curly inverted bob 15