The history of Goddess Braids can be virtually confused with the history of all braided hairstyles, where inspiration and creativity have dictated fashions for centuries, at different times and in many cultures (from French culture to African cultures).

What are Goddess Braids?

Goddess braidsGoddess means a woman who is adored, especially for her beauty, so goddess braids are the most adorable and beautiful way for women to wear their hair. In this hairstyle, the braids are drawn with very thick hair strands, fastened to the head, same as French braid style, but in a way to draw patterns on the head.

Goddess Braids styles is a mix of the African Cornrows, which have become popular around the world and in all age groups, even in countries without African ancestry thanks to its natural beauty, and practicality for those who use them.

There are also many famous people in the world of arts and entertainment who already experienced Goddess Braids hairstyle. Some of these celebrities include: Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and Mary J. Blige.

How to do goddess braids

So, in order to have your Goddess Braids performed correctly, to look beautiful and achieve the maximum durability, you will need the help of an experienced professional hair stylists. If you do not have experience and it is the first time you are trying to get goddess braids, do not try to make it alone at home. Other ways you may end up with spoiled hair full of knots difficult to untangle!

Here is a video by Kersti Pitre about Chunky Goddess Braids inward style. If its look hard for you than try o get help from some of your friend.

Step by step how to do goddess braids

  • Start with a good wash to remove all hair residue! Residues that can remain for the duration of the Goddess Braid will be in permanent contact with your hair, and can damage or even break the hair, making it fragile;
  • Next, but not least, rub a brush through your hair so it’s untangled. With the help of a good softener or hair conditioner this step will be easy and painless;
  • The secret of the Goddess Braids are the long strands of braided hair close to the head. The shapes that will be drawn can vary according to the preferences of each one. The starting point for these forms is the way the hair is separated, which must take into account the desired end shapes. In this step you should separate the hair strands on the head, according to the shapes and desired final density;
  • The choice of whether or not to use hair extensions is individual option. If you choose to use an extension in order to increase density or length, you should leave one of the three sections of the braid a little thinner for the extension to be added. If you choose not to use extensions, the three sections of the braid should be equally divided.
  • Then begins the braiding of your hair according to the cornrow model, and always starting from front to back. According to the division you made of your hair, you should follow the path of this division, which may have curves or be skewed. If in the previous step you have chosen to include extensions, these should be mixed with natural hair, so that they are practically imperceptible;
  • Continue the braid until the end of the hair, adding extensions if you want to increase the length of natural hair. Remember that the longer you put the braid, the more weight you will have on natural hair strands, and therefore more stress and subjection to damage;
  • When the hair finishes, or when you reach the desired length, finish the braid. The tips can be rolled or combed and attached to the top of the head, or allowed to fall naturally.

Goddess Braids styles

There are hundred of styles you may make of Goddess braids, but some of them are very popular. It is up to you whats braided style you choose, here we just help you out by providing some popular styles of Goddess braids you may try.

1. Goddess Braid bun

Goddess braids bun

After finishing the Goddess Braid you can choose to make a top on the head. This bun is ideal for more formal or professional occasions where natural loose hair may become unwanted. To quickly achieve an elegant style, simply wrap the loose part of the braid.

The height depends on the personal preferences, but we recommend the following rule: if you go to a ceremony you can use the hair higher up in the head, whereas for a more formal style we recommend a lower pull.

2. In A Ponytail

Goddess braids ponytailYou can make a ponytail as well of your braids, but for this you need longer braided hair. You may use hair extensions for this purposes if your hair are short. There are many ways to make a ponytail you may follow one in above image.

3. Goddess braids Updo

Goddess braids updoAn updo is the best hairstyle for special occasions like wedding and prom. In this style arranging the hair to pointing up. Its same as ponytail, but usually an updo is more stylish than a ponytail. You can make goddess braids updo, by making your braids up in a stylish way.

4. Fishtail Braids

Fishtail goddess braidsIf you like making fishtail braid, you can make goddess braids with fishtail. Try to make two or three braids to make it look more stunning.

5. Goddess Cornrow Hybrid

Goddess cornrow hybridYou can mix goddess with cornrow style for a more varied texture. These both style look just awesome. As you can see in above image, but its not as easy to achieve. You have to go to some professional hair stylists to get this look.

6. Making Spirals

Goddess braids spirals
One of the most interesting goddess braids style is making spirals. As you can see in above picture, after making the braids was design them in beautiful waves. You can also make same style like above, just show this picture to your hair stylist.

2, 3 and 4 Goddess Braids
These are just some of the most famous types of Goddess Braids, which are usually in groups of two, three or four braids. Although up to three braids can be performed in this hairstyle, the two or three braids are the most traditional.

7. Two Goddess braids

Two goddess braids with weave

With the two braids hairstyle, your braids will get denser, and therefore less tight which has some advantages.

However, there will also be some hair at the beginning of the braid, which is not braided, due to the greater distance between the root of the hair and the beginning of the braid. This hair will be stretched to the maximum until the beginning of the braid, which can cause some stress to the hair or a sensation of pulling on the head.

8. Three Goddess Braids

Three silky goddess braidsUsing groups of three braids is a way of decreasing the amount of hair that gets stretched at the base of the head. But on the other hand the braids will be less dense, and tighter, increasing the hair stress due to successive breaks of direction.

9. 4 Goddess Braids

Quadruple braidsYou have to make or install 4 braids on your head. For this you need to divide your hair in four sections, than braid each section. You need to divide the hair with very care, a little mistake can make your hairstyle horrible.

10. Goddess Braids with Kanekalon hair

Goddess braids styling with kanekalon hairKanekalon Hair can help you personalize your Goddess Braids. Adding Kanekalon hair will allow you to further customize these famous braids. You can make one that increases the density of the braids, allows you to change the color of your hair without giving it paint and therefore without subjecting to chemicals that damage the wires.

Another advantage is the protection that these extensions offer by allowing the hair strands to be braided in denser sections, thus lessening the stress caused by constant and tighter undulations.

Some more Goddess braids designs

Here we add some more designs of goddess braids just for your inspiration. If you like any of them feel free to download the picture and show to your hair stylists. I hope it will help you to choose one of the best hairstyle for you.

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Taking care of Goddess Braids

The best way to increase the durability of Goddess Braids is to protect them daily. It is recommended that you protect them while sleeping to avoid friction with the cushion, protecting them with a tissue every night.

To keep hair strands healthy, you can apply an oil suitable for your hair type daily or every two days. If you do this, you will easily be able to keep your Goddess Braids for a period of about two months.

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