Having long hair comes with many benefits. It is easy to style and with a bit of creativity, you can try something different each day. This article aims to reveal 4 hairstyles that are fashionable in 2016. You can try them at home as they are simple and fast to achieve.

1. Half Ponytail

half ponytail blond  Half ponytail is a classic hairstyle that comes with a twist in 2016. All that you need to do is to take half of your hair and pull it up. Leave the side bangs out for a romantic look. In order to add more volume you can tease the top and then smooth it with a brush. half ponytail

Half ponytail looks amazing on all hair types. It does not require many products, just some hairspray, Bobby pins or a clip. Furthermore, it can make a round face look longer.Half Ponytail hair

2. Volume with Layered Haircuts

blond layered haircuts  Layered haircuts perfect for women with thick hair who want to look good each day without too much of a bother. In order to achieve it, you need to start with the right haircut. Ask your stylist to cut short layers on the top, then gradually add layers. Layered HaircutsThe secret of layered haircuts is to achieve as much volume as you can on top of your head. For this, you need a paddle brush and a blow drier. You can style the rest of the hair with the curling iron. If you want to make it look more sassy, you can add some colored extensions.modern layered haircuts
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3.  Straight and Curly Hairstyles

curly and straight hairstyles  Straight and curly hairstyles looks great on women who have square or oval faces. It manages to mix two styles, curly and straight hair. In order to achieve it, you need a flat iron and a curling iron. Straight and Curly HairstyleThe first thing that you need to do is to use the flat iron to straighten the hair from top to shoulder length. For the rest of the hair, you need to use the curling iron. After you are done, you can fix it with shinny hairspray.Straight and Curly Hairstyles
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4. Beautiful Braid Hairstyles

braid hairstylesBraid hairstyles are an awesome choice for women who have flat hair. This haircut is very easy to achieve as all that you need to do is to create a simple braid and wrap it behind the head.
Braid braid hairstylesIf your hair is not perfectly flat, you will need to smooth it with a flat iron in advance. As it can be seen, it is easy to look amazing each day.cute braid hairstyles
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