Tattoos should be seen as works of art. They usually come with strong messages, and all of them have a story. While some people like to keep them private others see them as a way to point out certain parts of their body that they are proud of.

hand tattoos for boysIf you decide to tattoo your hand, you need to take into consideration that everybody will see it. Here are some facts and ideas that will help you make the best decision.

Hand Tattoos Facts for Beginners

hand tattoos for girls

Tattoos are very cool nowadays, and this is why many people wish to get one. However, it is important to understand that they are permanent, thus the design you choose needs to match your personality. When you decide to tattoo your hand keep in mind the thickness of the fingers and the length of the palm.
Hand Tattoos for business menIt is important to know that hand tattoos usually heal slower. The fingers are the most sensitive, and the inside area is the most painful. The hands tend to exfoliate a lot because they get in direct contact with water, heat and cold, thus the ink fades. The quality of the ink is extremely important, especially as you cannot hide the tattoo once it starts to look blurry.
hand tattoo compassProper care is also mandatory, as most salons do not offer free touch ups and this can lead to additional expenses. Another thing that needs to be considered is the job you wish to have. Many companies are against visible tattoos and it is more than clear that it is impossible to hide your hands. This is something that you will have with you for the rest of your life, and the way it looks depends on the way you take care of it.

Fun Hand Tattoos Ideas

hand tattoos designsThere are many designs that are suitable for a hand tattoo. However, the one you choose needs to match your personality. This work of art can be approached in three different ways:hand tattoos for women
• Tattoo only one or several fingers;
• Tattoo only the palm;
• Tattoo the whole hand.
hand tattooAs it was mentioned above, the fingers are the most sensitive part of the hand. If you think that you are brave enough to handle the pain, you need to know that the most popular tattoos are on the middle finger. You can opt for the face of a tiger, or for something more classy, like a bird. Such designs are perfect for a fun and vibrant people.
hand tattoos flowerIf you decide to tattoo your palm, you can go for something abstract. The most popular designs are patterns and line work. Flowers are also a huge trend, especially if you wish to add some color. These tattoos can always be taken to the next level and to customize your whole hand. However, it is important to make the link structure in order to achieve a tidy look.
mens hand ship tattooKeep in mind that hand tattoos need to represent, who you are in order to feel confident in wearing them every day.
classic hand tattoos
hand tattoos for menHand Tattoos can be a full hand or as small as you can see in image below.
hand tattoos tumblr
tribal hand tattoosA full hand tattoo idea, you may make your hand and arm tattoos design combine.