The hipster girl fashion had been around for a long time, longer than you imagine.To know if you really want to embrace this trend, or just include parts of it in your style, you should know what it stands for. Let’s take a walk down memory lane, this way you know where things started and you can find out how it evolve.

No, the idea that a hipster girl is someone who wears graphic tees, listens to alternative music, and has some weird tattoos is not really the definition. It’s just a superficial view on the subject.
Hipster girl
Now, let’s start with the begging, what does “hipster” mean?

Members of the subculture typically do not self-identify as hipsters, and the word hipster is often used as a pejorative to describe someone who is pretentious, overly trendy or effete.Wikipedia

The definition for hipster is:”Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.”

Now if you find yourself in that category, let’s see where the hipster girl trend was born.
Hipster girl with tattoos

The word hipster was first used back in 1940 in America and described a group of people focused on finding people similar to themselves, that enjoyed jazz music, had the same opinion on societal problems and wanted to build friendships.

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Along the way, the word lost it’s initial meaning and transformed to something else. Now, a hipster is someone who is less about the societal problems and more about the individual image. Someone that is not necessary from the lower class but chose to look like they were, by keeping an image that is somehow grungy.

Hipster Girl Fashion Guide

To became a hipster girl here are the basic items you need in your wardrobe:

  1. Boots – Combat boots are the best. No matter of the weather outside, you will wear them with jeans, shorts, dresses and skirts. In the summer time or in the winter you need to wear boots.
  2. Your dad’s t-shirt – If it doesn’t fit, you can cut it. It needs to have a worn out feel to it. The bands tees and the ones with weird messages are the best.
  3. Skinny Jeans – Off course, it needs to have a distress look to it. You will wear them with bulky leather belts.
  4. Hipster Glasses – You don’t need a pair of glasses to see? Well, think again, if you want to embrace this style, you will need a pair of clear glasses to accessorize your looks.
  5. Bright colors and crazy patterns – You can have fun and combine bright colors with anything. I suggest to keep a vintage ’70s feels to your look by adding some tartan into the mix.

Here are some Hipster Girls looks to get you inspire:

Hipster girl sexyStart by adding a bright yellow beanie and build the outfit around it. A cropped top is the safest way to go and the then just wear some add a pair of jeans.

Hipster girlFor the winter time, tartan is your best friend. Wear a tartan shirt with black skinny jeans and a white top or wrap it around your waist and wear a pair of distress jeans and a black t-shirt.

Splitshire hipster girlA beanie is a great add to any outfit, it adds a casual, “I don’t really care” look.

Ok, if you want to be a hipster girl and still be presentable at school or university here are some option for you:

Hipster outfit for school
Lose sweaters are your best friend, mix them with jeans and add a pop of color with the accessories.

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Simple hipster outfits for school

Cute hipster outfits girls
For those of you that want to be cute and have a hipster vibe at the same time trough out the skinny jeans and let circle skirts and shorts became your best friends. Another secret when it comes to the hipster girl look is the layering process. The more, the better.

Cute hipster outfits shirt

Cute hipster outfitsLet’s get real, here are some Hipster Girl outfits for summer time.

Hipster summer outfitLoose dresses and tartan shirts with a pair of ankle boots are perfect for the summer time.

Style tip:
If the boots are made from leather, you will actually feel better than in a pair of flip-flops. Why? Because the concrete gets really hot and flip-flops don’t have a thick sole, this way, according to physics your feet will receive all that heat. But boots are design to have a solid, well build sole so you are actually better off flip-flops.

Hipster summer outfits for girlsAgain, tartan shirts, shorts and combat boots.

Hipster summer outfitsAs I said, you can add in patterns and mix them with printed tees.

Hipster outfits for winterFor the winter time, the rule is simple: layer, layer and layer. Comfy sweaters, beanies and circle scarf are your go to pieces.

Hipster outfits winter

Winter hipster outfits for girls

If you like Hipster girl trend and think that it fits your personality, you now know where to start. I suggest you forget about the fast fashion retails and start looking for second-hands and unique shops.