Ok ladies, we may be in the new year, but it’s still chilly out there so let’s discuss scarves. There are plenty of options on the shelves, but the top contender has to be the blanket scarf. I can think of nothing more comforting that wrapping myself up in one of these beauties. Not to be confused with a bed throw (they are roughly the same size), these mighty scarves have many advantages over the standard Slimline one.


Blanket scarf styleFirstly though, how do you wear a blanket scarf? This is one of the most popular questions on google apparently so you’re not alone! There are many ways to wear a blanket scarf and it really depends on your outfit. Be it slim and chic or slouchy and casual, the blanket scarf is going to be your best friend in no time. One thing people confuse about that hijab is different from the scarf. Hijab used by Muslim women usually to cover their head.

Blanket Scarf Outfit

Blanket scarf outfit

Let’s start with one of my personal favorite styles and in my opinion the easiest. The beauty of this item is that its size makes you feel like Thumbelina, so use this to your advantage. Rock a pair of skinny jeans and heeled ankle boots to elongate your legs and add height. Next, throw on a loose fitting, mid-thigh length wool jumper. Pair this with a leather biker jacket to start the layering effect and throw on a navel length necklace too. Lastly, add the blanket scarf.

Wear blanket scarf styleA pair of crap and frayed boyfriend jeans with white Superga Plimsolls is perfect for the bottom half. Pair this with a crisp oversized white shirt and a cropped navy jumper, then just add the scarf. Align at the back with equal room on each side. Then, tuck the left side into the right shoulder and drape the right side over the left. Casual yet cool and undeniably elegant!

Tie a Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarfTake one corner and shake so the scarf hangs in a diagonal. Hold this corner to the left side of your waist while draping over your neck and holding the other end with your right hand. Quickly and loosely wrap once around your neck. Tuck the right side in roughly under the loop and leave the left side hanging. This style cocoons your face with color whilst letting the rest of your outfit shine.

Blanket scarf leave openAnother great way to wear the blanket scarf is to leave it open. There’s no wrapping or knotting involved, just a simple drape over the shoulders. Very fashion editor chic! Personally, I think this looks best when the rest of the outfit is casual too.

Image tutorial of Wearing a Blanket Scarf.

The Flyaway Vest

The vest how to wear a scarf

Step 1: Fold your scarf in half width wise.
Step2: Tie the two sides of the top corner together.
Step 3: Take the folded side that is in your other hand and bring it together with the tied side.
Step 4: Tie the folded side and the tied side together to make one large knot.
Step 5: Make sure the knot is secure.
Step 6: Position the scarf so you can place your arms through the holes.

Infinity plaid tartan scarf

Infinity plaid tartan scarf
Source You may buy this scarf for $24.

Kercheif ways to wear plaid tartan scarf

Kercheif ways to wear plaid tartan scarf

Knot in Front

Blanket scarf how to wear
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How to Tie a Square Blanket Scarf

How to tie a square blanket scarf

Tie a Scarf in fall

Tie scarf

Braided Style

Braided style

Most Popular, Five Easy Steps

How to wear a blanket scarf in 5 easy steps
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  1. Scarfs are something which can be worn in different seasons with any costume. It adds to the style quotient of the person wearing these Scarfs. You have given some wonderful suggestions on choosing the perfect dress and scarves here. Thanks for sharing this!