The color blue is a color adored by both men and women! We all have at least one piece in this color, which can have various shades, gradients, patterns, or even transparencies. If you think of the most up-to-date ceremonies, such as the Oscars or Grammy Awards, you will find at least one blue dress or a blue suit! The different shades of blue dresses, for example, allow this color to suit a wide variety of skin and hair tones, making any woman of any age wear a dress in this color.

Girl blue dress cute makeup
However, in our day-to-day life, one of the difficulties encountered when wearing a blue dress is what colors to use in make-up or what kind of makeup for blue dress. After all, we do not want to run the risk of appearing exaggerated or poorly dressed, but on the other hand, the sloppy air is not ideal either. How to find the balance here? That’s what we’re going to explore right now!

We also have a very detail post about what color shoes to wear with blue dress, may be you also have to decide the best shoes that match your blue dress.

Simple Blue Dress Makeup

Makeup for blue dress

When we are choosing the makeup for a blue dress, we first should think about our dress, and about the place and with whom we are going to be. The type of make-up will obviously be different if we are going to a wedding or if we are going to a beach esplanade with friends. Let’s start with the simplest situation.

Natural makeup on beach with blue dressIf you are using your blue dress for a beach day, you must keep makeup simple! In this case we suggest, after applying a good moisturizer, that you apply a sunscreen with color. It works as if it was a BB cream, but it offers a much higher sunscreen factor, besides protecting against UVA, UVA and aging. It will be enough for the correction of some imperfections, but without weighing so much as a foundation, and with less risk of fouling.

Simple blue dress makeupApplying a natural tone lipstick, also with high sun protection factor (minimum 25), will help protect the skin, giving you the cared look you need, but without too much heavy. For eyes choose a waterproof mask as well as waterproof eyeliner. In these last two items you can alternate between black and blue!

Makeup For Formal Blue Dress

Makeup for navy blue dressIf the blue dress will be worn on your job, then elegance and sobriety are the words of choice. As it cannot fail to be, start with a good moisturizer, adapted to your skin type. In this case, it is already allowed, and almost mandatory to use a base. This should be of good quality, and be perfectly chosen for your skin tone, a flaw here, can compromise your image, and no one likes to see a base with mask effect. Strain the base well with a suitable brush to avoid marks. For the lip we suggest a sober tone, such as a satin red, for example, a discreet rose, or even a burgundy.

Kate blue dress makeup
If you are searching for makeup ideas with a formal blue dress than there is nothing more good example than Kate Middleton.

Eye Makeup for Blue Dress

Eye makeup for blue dressFor the eyes, the eyeliner is not required, depending on the type of eye shadow you use. The eye shadow should not be too heavy, and it should preferably be of color that enhances and gives light to your eyes. Some suggestions are golden, or very light pink. The mascara of eyelashes cannot be forgotten, but here, only black is allowed!

Taylor swift blue eye makeup with lipstickAnd because now we raise the bar a little more, the makeup must also be up to par! Starting from the principle that already has the base applied, this is the time to wear your favorite red lipstick! If this is the choice for the lips, the eyes should be discreet, a slightly blurred with mascara and eyeliner to match, and let your lips be the star!

Makeup for royal blue dress

Makeup for royal blue dressMakeup for royal blue dress applies the same principles as for a cocktail dress, you just need to keep one thing in mind, the star is not your lips, but your dress! In this case it should make the look stand out, with a dark left over, but with a gloss on the upper part of the eyelids and the corner of the eyes. The idea is to open your eyes and make it more intense, just like your dress!Best makeup for royal blue dress

Makeup for Navy Blue Dress

Sandra bullock navy dress and makeup inspirationMaybe you are going to a night event, where a long dress is allowed, and the color of your choice is a navy blue. In this case, make up for a navy blue dress should be in touch with the length of your dress. Long dresses are often more formal, and the makeup you choose should follow this rule. After your favorite foundation, apply some shine blush in your cheeks to let your face glow. A rose lipstick instead of a red one is the better choice, because now you can play with your eyes. Smoked eyes with black and 2 gray tones will help you define a mysterious and seductive look.

Prom Makeup Tips For Blue Dress

Makeup prom dressesAre you going to a prom? There is the time to be “shiny and blue” because in  prom anything or almost everything is allowed. You already have chosen your dress, the one that you will remember for life, so the makeup must be at the same level. About 3 days before the prom we suggest you to make a face mask to remove residues and make your skin shiny and healthy.

On the day of the prom, apply your very favorite moisturizing cream, and follow it with foundation. There are several types of foundation, but in this day tries to choose a good coverage so your skin will look perfect. Block colors for eye shadows are the best choice, but try to adapt to your dress color. Another suggestion is to use metallic colors because they are easy to combine. You can use a shiny lipstick, or if you don’t have one, you can apply gloss over the lipstick to get a bright wet effect.

Final Thoughts

Always remember to follow these rules, and above all to adapt makeup to the situation, whether a beach, work, going out with friends or parties at night or even special events such as weddings or prom. Enhance only one area of your face, eyes or lips, choose quality products and anti-allergy, and have fun creating a own picture of you!