Spring is here in full bloom that means the prom season is near. Prom is that amazing time of the year when you dress up in your best dress, walk down a red carpet and have the best time.

Natural prom makeupYou will remember your prom day for years and years to come. So everything has to be on point. Yes, the dress is important, but the makeup you wear for your prom night is even more important. After all, the make-up is going in all of the pictures and it can make you look better or worse. You need to try these natural prom makeup ideas we share in here.

2017 Natural Prom Makeup Ideas

Makeup can make or break an outfit. You need to make sure that the makeup is perfect and it will work with your look not against it. Here are five things you need to check before you decide what Prom makeup look to wear:

  1. It will go with your complexion. Make sure you know your high points.
  2. It represents your personal style. If you are a classy girl, a makeup with feathers is not really a good idea.
  3. Don’t outshine the dress!
  4. It has to be professional and it has to stay on for the whole night. You don’t want to spend your night gluing on the eyelashes back, or cleaning the black eyeliner that ended up on your cheek.
  5. Do a test before the big night. If you don’t know the makeup artist, you need to run a test to make sure that your foundation fits your complexion, or that the eye shadow looks good with your dress.

Now, what makeup should you choose? Here are the forth options that are in trend can be perfect for you.

In order to have a great prom night, it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money. Sometimes working with what you have and being creative about it – can end up making the night more memorable. The key is wear anything makeup, dress, shoes which you comfortable with. It will boost your confident.

Prom makeup for blue eyes

A makeup like this can be eye chatting and if you have a loud personality it will be great for you. Wear it with a nude dress and accessorize it with gold. Make sure your lipstick is nude because less is more in this case.

Blue eyes makeup for prom night


Does your dress have a geometrical shape? Take it a step forward and do something new yet exciting for your make-up. Here is a simple but interesting look that will not have all the attention but it will add a little bit more to your overall appearance.

Gallery prom makeup

Silver Prom Makeup

This is a classic look that will never be out of style or wrong. It will work with any almost dress as long as it has a bright color. This type of eye makeup is perfect for any complexion and you will be perfect in the pictures. There a more options if you want a silver look.

The first option: Soft smokey- instead of black, use brown shades and make sure you blend-blend-blend before. With this look, add a bright lipstick or a nude one. The choice is yours.

Pretty prom makeup designSecond option: Smokey eye with black it will be edgy and sharp. Add a nude lipstick and let the eye makeup have all the attention.

Prom makeup for women
Image source via pinterest

Use glitter not shadow and have a smoky eye with black. Keep in mind that glitter is not easy to fix and make sure the makeup artist knows what she is doing because you don’t want glitter all over your face.

Sexy prom makeup

Soft Smokey ( Natural Prom Makeup )

Smokey eye is always an option and if black is a little bit too harsh for you, use a light taupe color and nude. The good part about this look is that matte looks are better for pictures.

Prom makeup for black


Keep in mind that you are not Nicki Minaj in her Super Bass days, so use soft pick not bright over the top one and you are good to shine away the night.
Prom makeup for girls

Glam and Glitter

If sparkle is what you want then go all the way with golden glitter. Do a smokey base with glitter chunks over it. A nude lipstick will look perfect with this eye makeup.
Prom makeup hot lookIf glitter is too much for you, then choose a golden shadow with black eyeliner and a bold lip. Prom makeup idea

Glitter all the way

For a black dress add some glam with a glittery eye look and a nude look. This one doesn’t have a smokey base to it.
Prom makeup ideas


If complicated makeup looks are a little bit too much for you, here is a glamours simple option: add some false lashes and just a nude lipstick. It will be super easy to do and it will look amazing in pictures. Also, your dress will have all the attention.

Prom makeup kimProm makeup

Prom Makeup Smokey Brown Eyes

If you want to do your makeup at home but you are a little bit scared that it will not look as good, do a smokey brown look. It’s the easiest one out there to learn and there are a lot of tricks and tips to do it.
Prom party makeup

Queen of Burgundy

Go all out and match your eyes with your lipstick even by using the same product on both the lips and eyelids. But, don’t use it all over the eyelids, add it only in the crest and mix it with a neutral shade.

Sexy prom night makeup

Prom Makeup Tutorials

To make it easy for you, we search some of the best videos tutorials on prom makeup.

  1. 1. Video tutorial by Lauren Curtis about natural prom makeup tips. This video will teach you how to achieve a natural, soft and pretty makeup look for prom.

    2. Tina Halada a Youtube makeup expert come up with some new makeup tutorial, which you may try in 2017.

3. Another Prom Makeup tutorial and also include with Prom dress ideas. A short, but useful video by Koleen Diaz.

4. She talk too much but come in end with a great idea Peachy Pink FULL FACE PROM Makeup Tutorial. You should watch Carli Bybel for this awesome video.

5. One of the best Prom Makeup tutorial by Eva Rinjani. Watch the video, if you want a playful look for your prom night.

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