You hear the words “ platinum blonde hair ” and you can’t help but think of a gorgeous, seductive woman. The two go hand in hand. From Marilyn Monroe to Miley Cyrus, it’s a statement look and gives the wearer a certain je ne sais quoi. With so many icons to choose from, how do you decide what style to go for?

Platinum Blonde Hair Dye

Platinum blonde hair dyeFirstly, what does it say about you as a person to do a shocking white blonde head of hair? Well, for one thing it requires a huge amount of commitment. Not only do you have to be brave enough to do the deed, you then have to be dedicated enough to re-dye every four to six weeks. Not for the lazy among us, but then no-one ever said being beautiful was easy!

Debby ryan platinum blonde hair

The classic platinum blonde hair has to be Marilyn right? Wrong. Though Miss Monroe is credited with being the original “blonde bombshell,” Jean Harlow actually got there first. Roughly a generation earlier than Monroe, she even starred in a film titled, Platinum Blonde. So with these iconic women as examples why not try a retro style cut to go with it?

how to get platinum blonde hair at home

Platinum blonde hair colorFirstly, have a professional hairdresser give you an all overhead of color (don’t try this at home girls)! Next, have your hair cut to just above your shoulders with at least two or three layers chopped in. Lastly, ask your stylist to pin-curl your hair while wet and then dry while still tucked. There we have it, a classically inspired way to be a platinum blonde with vintage waves.

Going platinum blonde

Things you need to know before going platinumIf you’d rather something a little more contemporary though, why not look to Miley Cyrus as your hair muse. They say blondes have more fun and it is well documented that Miley knows how to do that in spades! Cyrus had blonde locks in the past, so it was familiar territory.

Terry richardson miley cyrus It wasn’t until she chopped it all off and dyed it platinum though, that the world took notice. She had outgrown her Hannah Montana years and needed a drastic look that would define her new persona.

Platinum blonde hair in winterWhat better way than with a shocking white blonde dye.

Platinum blonde hair dye ideasThis look is not for the faint hearted, but if you have the courage to go for it, then do. It will make you stand out a million miles above the rest and be the envy of all those other girls too afraid to do it themselves!
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