A scene hairstyle is the perfect haircut for you if you want to show off your bold edgy personality and stand out of the crowd. The scene haircuts means your hair will feature a choppy layered look. There are a lot of options out there if you are thinking of getting this haircut depending of the length of your hair if it’s straight or curly and also the color.

The scene haircuts might seem similar with the emo hairstyle and it is, but they are not the same. A scene hair cut has more volume and upbeat colors that the emo one. Plus, the emo haircut is part of the past and the Avil Lavine era.

What is a scene girl?

A girl with dyed pink hair wearing clothings derived from emo, indie pop, and hip hop fashion. Brazilian pop group Restart, well known for wearing brightly colored scene or “Colorido” clothings.Wikipedia

The scene haircut is present and will always be. If you want to get this haircut but you are afraid it will look emo, just skip the black eyeliner and you are good to go. And if an emo look is what you want to go for, keep on reading, I have some options for you too.

Why should you get a scene haircut?
Well, your hair will look like it has more volume. Also, because of the layers, it’s easier to create a playful effect.

Scene haircuts for long hair

If you have long hair and intend to keep it this way, the scene hairstyle is a great option for you and it deserve to be taken under consideration.

Beautiful girl scene haircutsIf your hair is naturally curly, a scene haircut will add even more volume to it. Black hair color will look great, classy but edgy at the same time.

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Scene haircut beauty

Or maybe a crazy color will fit your style better. Use the ombre hair technique to add even more movement feeling to your hair. A hairstyle like this is both rebellious but put together.

Scene haircut long white hairYou don’t need a lot of layers to join the scene hairstyle club, just do what it makes you feel best. Also, gray hair color is a trend this year.

Scene haircuts for red hairHow about crazy pink hair and a scene haircut? Yes, please. This looks so feminine┬ábut kinda bad-ass. You don’t want to mess with a girl like this. If she can own that haircut, she can concrete the world.

Scene haircuts for a medium length

If long hair is not your cup of tea, not to worry, scene hairstyle looks just as great on a medium length hair.

Red dye scene haircutsFor some reason, most people that want the scene haircut also go for a deep red hair color. Not sure why, but it looks amazing.

Scene haircuts for girls with white hair dyeAs I said, the scene hairstyle looks best with an ombre hair color. Take it from white to pastel blue and it will look like a piece of art.

Scene haircuts for girlsIf ombre is too hard to get, maybe the balayage technique is for you. You just need to dye one part of your hair in a different color- one that matches- and you are good to take a selfie and show off your new look.

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Short Scene haircuts

If you love your short hair but you are also kinda bored and need a change, here are some options just for you.

Innocence short scene haircuts

Two different colors are kinda bold and you need to the personality to match this hair style. Do you?

Scene haircutsMaybe just one color is the way to go. The scene haircut has a lot of layers and that gives you a lot of options when it comes to styling your hair.

Short and electric blueBlack and blue? Extreme, but the right type of woman can totally pull this look off. I am sure of it.

Emo scene haircuts

The emo haircut became popular back in 2000 when every single celebrity was wearing it. Now, if you like it there is nobody saying that you can’t wear it anymore. As long as we leave the “emo feelings” in the past, the hairstyle it can still be worn.

How pull it off? Well, a lot of crazy colors mixed together, a bang and a lot of eyeliner. Also, don’t forget to have the attitude.

Colorful emo scene haircutsEmo scene haircutsEmo scene hairstyles ideas

Add an extra layer

There is nobody saying how crazy or soft you can go with the layers. If you want a lot of volume, I suggest getting a lot of layers on the top. Then you can add some hair spray and you are good to go.

Cute scene layered haircut

Scene layered haircut

Scene hair remake with layersThe scene haircut will look on everybody but it’s the type of hairstyle that will go noticed. So make sure you are ready to be different and even a trend setter, because now a days people are getting more and more boring when it comes to their hairstyle.

scene haircuts tutorial

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