If you are reading this article, I have to congratulate you! There are only two possible hypotheses: 1) You have a red dress and searching for matching shoes or 2) you are thinking about to buy a red dress! And is there a greater symbol of power in a woman than the red dress? If so, I can´t remember…

A woman in red dress is a powerful, confident and sexy woman. The red dress can be worn at any occasion, from a more casual time, to work, or as a cocktail dress and, last but not least as a red dress for the red carpet. But, if you have already chosen your dress, you still need to choose your shoes, and this is not a less import point. You have several options, from high-heeled or platform models to peep toe, not forgetting sandals or even tennis shoes. Yes, well read, tennis! The colors, you have even more possibilities. Let’s Start!

What color shoes to wear with a red dress?

This is the first question you may ask yourself when choosing shoes for your red dress. The easiest way will be black or gold, but a multitude of colors and patterns are allowed, if know exactly the style you are trying to achieve.
Kim kardashian red dress with black sandals
In this style, Kim Kardashian used her red dress with black sandals. She has chosen a simple and discreet model, as her lacy dress was the center of all the attention.

Taylor swift red dress with nude shoes

In this similar model, Taylor Swift wore nude shoes, which give elegance and sobriety, once again letting the dress be the key piece.

Iman golden sandals with red dress
Wearing a long-length dress, model and actress Iman chose these golden sandals. Here’s a good example of how to get a glamorous style without much effort! Do not forget to match with the gold-plated pouch.

Peplum trend
But if you are a kind of lovely and crazy girl, and you have enough courage, you can try this combination as Carrie Bradshaw, and use your red pattern dress with peep toe black and white shoes! Not forgetting an orange clutch. Sounds like crazy? Not every girl is allowed…

Samantha jones formal style red dress with red shoes
If you need a more professional style, there is nothing better than to inspire yourself in another Goddess of fashion and professional success, and wear red stilettos.

What color shoes with red cocktail dress

If you are getting out with your friends to any new place and want to impress, maybe you have already chosen your red cocktail dress. We will give you some suggestions for shoes regarding colors and models.
Rihanna red dress osteria mozza
Rhianna long accustomed us to chameleon styles, and this is one of them. With this red cocktail dress, the singer combined a simple red pumps, and magic happens! Even the hair was aligned with the color of the shoes and dress!

Beyonce red dress with black shoes
Queen Beyoncé also does not fail when it comes to the red dress. With this dress model (which we should all have at home), she can give all the notoriety that black shoes with gold embroidery deserve! In this style, the key piece are the shoes and not the dress.

Cocktail dress silver shoes side view
An always safe option is the silver shoes. They will fit into any type of dress, and will always suffice glamorous, without stealing the attention of the main piece.
Red cocktail dress with silver shoes

What kind of shoes should I choose?

If you are not secure about what kind of shoes you should use with your red dress, we will give you some ideas about what options you have. Your shoes must adapt to the place or event you are going. If you will use the red dress for work, the shoe choice will be different than if you are going to a night party. Or if you are just adopting a casual sporty style, you don’t need the stilettos! Check out the suggestions below.

Rihana red sport dress with white tennis shoes
With this red sporty style dress, Rhianna wears white tennis, letting all the sporting spirit that stand out in this dress , but at the same time showing its elegance and physical fitness.

Pippa middleton style cute red dress
Flat shoes are a good option for day-to-day, to take a walk to the downtown, to a more casual workplace, or if you fancy just leaving to maintain elegance but not giving up comfort. These red ballerinas that Pippa Middleton wears are a good example of the kind of piece you should choose.

Karlie+kloss+cocktail dress+flat+sandals
Karlie Kloss uses this flat sandal with a cocktail dress. But it could also have been stilettos, or high heels sandals because with this dress and her body everything fits perfect! This is the perfect example of how you can mix the most sophisticated pieces, in this case the dress and clutch, with more casual pieces such as flat sandals.

Gwen stefani style red dress with long boots
With the coolest temperatures, it’s always a good idea to combine the red dress, giving a warm approach to your style, with some really sexy boots, like the one in the above image of of Gwen Stefani’s. Do not forget the right accessories, namely: sunglasses, wallet, and who knows, even the dog!

Ciara red dress with leopard patterned shoes
A red dress with leopard-patterned shoes is a risky choice, and may run the risk of appearing vulgar. It is important to know how to choose the model of the dress, and match it with quality shoes. In this case the accessories must remain discreet. Use this combination, for example for a romantic dinner with your boyfriend!

Women model red dress lying on side barefoot
And yet, if you still cannot decide what type and color of shoes to wear, you always have the last option: do not wear any! Party in your house, but dress strictly, stands barefoot!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the diversity of shoe combinations for your red dress is enormous. You just have to know how to adapt the color and the shoe model to the type of event you want to go. Remember, you should note only one piece; if you want your dress to be the center of all the attention, choose a more discreet shoe, if on the contrary, your dress is discrete model, you can lock your shoes and make them your key piece! Just be yourself!