First of all, leggings are not pants and you should not wear them as something they are not. There are a lot of fabulous ways to incorporate leggings in your outfit depending what type of look you are going for. Here are the shoes to pair with leggings and look stylish and on point.

You can wear them with: knee high boots, over the ankle boots, ankle boots, rain boots and sneakers. For any occasion there is the right pair of shoes.

how to wear leggings and what type of Footwear you may use.

For a casual look

Legging with ugg bootsFor a day out running errands, you can pair a black pair of leggings with a loose sweater and a pair of UGGs and trust me, you can still look chic if you accessorize them right. Get a pair of oversized sunglasses and a bright lipstick that says: I woke up like this and I am fabulous.

Knee high boots with leggings

For university instead of wearing leggings and plain top put some effort into your look and trust me: it will pay off. Pair leggings with knee high boots, a long white shirt, add a cute belt at the waist, and get a sweater over it. You can add a cute necklace and a bag-pack.

Tunic tops with leggingsFor going to the meeting – yes, you can wear leggings for attending a meeting, pair them with something that has structure. A tunic top will be great, add a belt and a blazer over it with a pair of ankle boots and you will look amazing. Don’t forget to add a nice bag and you will own it.

For a night out

Peplum top with crop leggings and high heelsIf you want to go out with your girls to a club, look great, but still feel comfortable, leggings are the way to go. A pair of leather legging go a long way and add texture to the outfit. On top you can add a peplum top, a statement necklace. For shoes, you can go with a pair high heel. Add a clutch into the mix and you will be the center of attention.

White shirt with leggingsAnother great look for a Friday night out is a pair of leather legging, a lace barrette and a see-through white shirt. For the shoes, you can go with a pair of ankle sneakers.

Graphic tee with leggings and sneakersFor a concert, leggings are great because they will give you the mobility to move as much as you want. You can pair a leather pair of leggings with an oversized graphic tee and a pair of sneakers and dance the night away.

Now that we talked about how to wear leggings let me tell with what shoes you should never pair them.

Leggings are great, don’t get me wrong. They are comfortable and easy to wear, but in the wrong outfit you will look like you just rolled off the bed and showed off on the street. You don’t want that look and you should care about your appearance, because you never know how you run into.

The shoes you should never pair with leggings

Sandals: if is warm enough to wear sandals is warm enough for a skirt, a pair of shorts or a dress and there is no need for leggings into the mix. It will look like your legs are coming from Alaska and your feet just came from the beach. You do want to be cohesive in your outfits.

Ballet Flats: Ballet flats with leggingsAgain, these shoes are for late spring, early summer. They go great with a lot of outfits, but not paired with leggings. Ballet flats should be worn in chic outfits and paired with clothing that falls under that category.

Peep-toe Shoes:Peep toe shoes with leggings If you are not going clubbing you don’t need a pair of peep toe shoes with your leggings because your outfit will be confusing to many. You can get a nice pair of shoes on and you couldn’t find a ‘real’ pair of pants to go with them?

How not to wear leggings

1. As pants:Leggings as pants As I will show you, leggings require a shirt that will cover your bottom. They do not offer the same coverage as pants do and you don’t want your parts hanging out for everyone to see.

2. Sports leggings: Sports leggingsThey belong to a gym not on the street. Yes, when you are working out they look amazing with a pair of Nike’s, but on the street the same pair of leggings with ankle boots… not so much. Are your legs working out while the rest of the body was at Starbucks drinking coffee?

3. With miniskirt and shorts:Leggings with mini skirt If you want to wear something short on the bottom in the winter time is great, but do it right and get a pair of stockings, not a pair of leggings.