A very distinctive part of a woman’s outfit is definitely the skirt, which is the part of a gown or dress that covers from the waist down to the thighs and legs. It is also used as a separate piece covering the same areas, depending on its length. Putting aside some exceptions in which this outer garment, called izaar by the Muslims and kilt by the Scottish are used by men, the skirt is used mostly by women.

Black turtleneck faux suede skirt isabel marant lola farrah booties chanel french riviera bag pam hetlinger the girl from panamaAmong the many alternatives for fabrics to choose from in order to make a skirt, there is one that stood out in the last part of XIX century and became popular and used by many people at that time. And that material is the Suede, which is a special form of leather that is soft to the touch and delicate but is also versatile and easy to use for various occasions ranging from casual to elegant, providing a fresh touch to the outfit. And this applied (and still applies) to the Suede skirt.

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A Suede skirt, like any other skirt, fits the body right at the level of the waist or hips and sometimes you can find pleats, darts, fringes and panels in them that only increase her charm in a youthful manner. And it has survived the passing of time and the many changes in the sizes that skirts have gone through due to the various styles that fashion has dictated in the last decades.

Suede skirt typesIn this XXI century, a Suede skirt proves to be a perfect match for a woman’s clothing. The most famous fashion designer labels have adapted this piece in many ways to blend in the current trends that highlight the style of the hard working, sophisticated, independent, edgy and yet beautiful woman, being the short skirt (some inches above the knees) the most preferred one.

Suede skirt with black shirtIt can be combined with formal or informal shirts for a casual occasion, as well as black long-sleeve sweaters that would be an amazing look for a night out. With a formal shirt, black boots and an overcoat in dark colors, it can be a great way to show a woman’s side ranging from a top executive to a high-class socialite, always keeping high standards when it comes to style. With stripped shirts or even denim shirts, the Suede skirt is the best combination.
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Suede skirts are very perfect for tall women
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