Before you get a wolf tattoo, you have to know about wolves itself.

A wolf is a powerful and intelligent animal that lives in packs and can survive no matter how bad the conditions are. In a lot of the myths and legends wolves are portrayed as a warrior symbol.

The culture that respected and idolized wolves the most are the Native Americans. They believed that a wolf is so much more than just an animal. From strength and power, a wolf also stands as an example of wisdom, but also provided spiritual guides.
Wolf tattoo

In other cultures, the Greek one, for example, wolves are represented like an evil species. There were some stories in ancient Greece about people turning into wolves once a year and going hunting. In Egypt, the wolf is seen as the protector and guardian of the souls in the afterlife. He has the same role in The Roman mythology, as a young she-wolf takes care of the two boys that will build the first city.

Wolf Tattoo Meanings

wolf tattoo meanings

After the history lesson whether take as good or evil, wolves represent power and strength. Same its go for wolf tattoos, it can express both positive and negative meanings. You can give these tattoos any means you want to. In general a wolf tattoo stands for:







Wolf tattoo designs

wolf tattoo designs

There are so many options out there when it comes to what design to get. Do you want a big wolf tattoo? A small one? A colorful or a black and white? Don’t worry, we have all of them and after seeing all the option, hopefully, you will make up your mind.

Tribal wolf tattoo

tribal wolf tattooA tribal wolf tattoo is a great idea if you want a black tattoo with simple lines. It can be as small or as big you want.

Here is the thing, a wolf can be your protector, so why not place it in a dream catcher? Two times protected.

tribal wolf tattooA wolf ready to attack can stand for a lot of courage and strength.
tribal wolf tattoo

This is a Celtic representation of a wolf, and this tattoo stands for the cyclic life and power.tribal wolf tattoo

Or maybe you just want to get something simple like the head only and that’s all.
tribal wolf tattoo

Maybe you want a wolf howling that is really small and easy to cover up at work.
tribal wolf tattoo

Geometric wolf tattoo

A geometric tattoo can be a great choice if you want some extra personality and edge to your tattoo.

How about one that is inspired by the cubism era?

geometric wolf tattoo

If you are someone that can’t really decide and always likes an option to stay in the middle, this is the perfect tattoo for you.
geometric wolf tattoo

Or maybe one that has some color in. You don’t need to go crazy with the color, just add some shades and give his eyes a deep blue.
geometric wolf tattoo

How about cubism meets abstract? This wolf tattoo is so interesting and you need a personality to match it.
geometric wolf tattoo

If you like the idea of a wolf but also want another animal, here is the way to do it. Half wolf and half cubism bear.
geometric wolf tattoo

A wolf tattoo, a moon and cubism at least for half of the wolf. Make sure that when you get a tattoo this one it will represent you. geometric wolf tattoo

Watercolor Wolf tattoos

If black tattoo’s bored you to death, watercolor is the way to go. Especially if you have a personality that doesn’t follow the rules and you are a really creative person.

It doesn’t have to be bright to be colorful, you can get it in different shades of blue and a little bit of black.

watercolor wolf tattoo

Or maybe in different shades of purple and bright blue. This one makes you think about the universe, am I right?watercolor wolf tattoo

And then again, dark colors and not a lot of them.watercolor wolf tattoo

But you can get as colorful as you please. Just like this one.
watercolor wolf tattoo

watercolor wolf tattoo

And if black is too harsh in your option, get a tattoo with dark blue lines and fill it in with light blue. watercolor wolf tattoo

Howling wolf tattoo

In mythology a howling wolf in front of a full moon can’t be something good and it usually represents that something bad is about to happen. But in time, people started to see the wolf in moonlight like some light into the darkness.

Keep in mind that your tattoo stands for what you want it to represent.
howling wolf tattoo
howling wolf tattoo
howling wolf tattoo howling wolf tattoo

Celtic wolf tattoo

These are the best designs I could find in the Celtic style.
celtic wolf tattoo celtic wolf tattoo  celtic wolf tattoo

Small wolf tattoo

For a tattoo to be beautiful it doesn’t have to be big. So if you are not ready for the commitment of a big tattoo, here are the best small wolf tattoos designs.

small wolf tattoo small wolf tattoo
small wolf tattoo
small wolf tattoo small wolf tattoo

Wolf sleeve tattoo

If you want a full sleeve tattoo I found some of the best designs. These ones will for sure turn heads.
wolf sleeve tattoo
wolf sleeve tattoo
wolf sleeve tattoo
wolf sleeve tattoo wolf sleeve tattoo

Traditional Wolf Tattoo

Traditional wolf tattoo is more wild and more aggressive, there are hundred of stories about wolves and usually these stories are a part of traditions. Here are some traditional Wolf tattoo designs, one thing common in them is the red color.
Red rose and traditional wolf tattoo on bicepRed rose and traditional wolf are a beautiful combination as you can see in above bicep tattoo.
Traditional wolf tattoo on handTraditional wolf tattoo on hand look more awesome.
Yellow eyes traditional wolf tattoo on right handYellow eyes traditional wolf tattoo on right hand with surrounding red color.

Lone Wolf Tattoo

A lone wolf is an animal or person that generally lives or spends time alone instead of with a group. Wolves usually spend time in group, so a lone wolf represent a lonely or broken heart. Here are few lone wolf tattoo designs.
Lone wolf tattoo

Lone wolf tattoos

Wolf Paw Tattoo

Wolf paw
The paw tattoos of any animals usually represent your affiliation with that animal or pet. You may want to see some quality of this animal in yourself, but the best description can be provided by the wearer. Wolf paw tattoo also become popular, and its represent the strength and power.
Wolf paw tattoo with wolf head

Wolf paw tattoo