Anyone who gets manicures or pedicures knows that the key to the perfect manicure is making sure that nail polish or gel is dry before you try to function.

Whether you prefer gel nails, shellac or nail polish, it takes time to dry, or cure.

And there is nothing worse than a smudge.

So what’s the solution?

Well, you could sit for 30 minutes, not touching anything.

Or you could invest in a nail Polish dryer, but choosing the best nail lamp is not an easy task.

We review 10 best nail polish dryer including best led nail lamp and best UV nail lamp. We also include one best nail lamp under $10.

MelodySusie LED Nail Dryer12W4.4/5 Stars
1317 Customer Reviews
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Roleadro LED And CCFL Nail Dryer48w4.2/5 Stars
109 Customer Reviews
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KEDSUM LED Lamp12W 4.3/5 Stars
589 Customer Reviews
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AnGeer Portable LED Lamp Nail Dryer-4.8/5 Stars
36 Customer Reviews
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USpicy LED Nail Lamp48W 4.2/5 Stars
423 Customer Reviews
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SUNUV LED/UV Nail Lamp48W4.6/5 Stars
322 Customer Reviews
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MelodySusie UV Nail Dryer36W4.4/5 Stars
760 Customer Reviews
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MiroPure UV LED Nail Lamp36W 4.7/5 Stars
766 Customer Reviews
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Salon Edge UV Dryer 36W 3.5/5 Stars
272 Customer Reviews
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MelodySusie UV Nail Lamp54W 3.7/5 Stars
383 Customer Reviews
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Why You Need a Nail Lamp

Uv nail lamp
Getting your nails done, or doing them yourself, is time consuming and can be very expensive.

The best way to waste your time and money?

Try to use your hands (or feet) before your nail polish or gel has cured.

What a mess.

Best case is that you anger the nail technician, because they have redo their work. Worse case, you get nail polish all over your stuff AND have to do the nails all over again.

You could sit quietly, stay off your phone and literally not move for a while, or go the old fashioned way of blowing on your nails to get them to dry quicker. You can even buy spray that allegedly reduces the dry time for nail polish.

Or you could use a nail polish curing lamp.

In just a matter of moments, you or your nail technician’s hard work will be cured and you can go about your day.

When dealing with some nail products, the only way to get them to cure is with a lamp.

What Are LED and UV Nail Lamps?

Uv led gel light
LED and UV nail lamps are very similar, but have significant differences.

Both are light sources that are used in curing nail products, but the key difference is the output.

UV light, being more powerful, can be used to cure all nail polishes, shellac and gels while LED only curing nail polishes, shellac and gels that are designed to work with LED light.

LED nail lamps are more expensive, take less time to harden nails polish, use less energy, but do not have the ability to work with every single nail product.

UV nail lamps cost less than LED, can take two or more minutes to cure, is very draining on power sources, but will cure every nail product available.

Whether you are working in a nail salon or just want a professional look from home, you can find UV and LED lights for nails to fit most any budget.

Here are some of the best UV and LED nail dryers.

Pick The Best Led Nail Lamp

1. MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Dryer

Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.7 x 3.9 inches

Nail lamp curing led gel nail polishThis LED nail dryer comes in three fun colors: black, pink and white.

It is quick and works with all LED compatible nail products.

The reviews are glowing for this product specifically the style and ease of use. Many liken this product with the same quality as a salon product.

It is large enough to fit one hand or foot in at a time.

2. Roleadro 48w LED And CCFL Nail Dryer

Dimensions: 7.3 x 3.5 x 8.6 inch

Nail dryer suitable for drying ledThis LED nail dryer is auto-sensing so it turns on when you put your hand in and will turn off when you remove your hand.

There are 4 timer settings and is big enough to dry the entire hand at once.

An added feature is that there is a shield that you can pull down to protect your eyes from the light.

It has a very pleasing yet subtle decorative design on it and it has extra long light life.

Consumers report minor flaws with the product but state there is excellent customer service that fixed any issues that arose.

3. KEDSUM 12W LED Lamp – One Button control, Auto Shutoff

Led lamp one button controlHumble but powerful is the best way to describe this LED nail lamp.

It is black, small and yet is able to cure most LED gel and shellac in under a minute causing minimal heat.

Since it is so small, most people can fit all five fingers in to cure at once but it is a snug fit.

It also does not cure nail polish, only LED specific gel and shellac.

It comes with four preset timers and shuts off when time is done.

Reviews are mixed about this product but many of the negative reviews come from the consumers not using the correct LED compatible nail product.

The positive reviews give kudos to the small design, quick cure, lightweight but sturdy product.

4. AnGeer Portable LED Lamp Nail Dryer – The Perfect Pick

Dimensions: 210 x 120 x 80 mm

Led lamp nail dryer for curing nail dryerWhile many other models claim to be the highest rated, this product boasts 100% satisfaction from those who have purchased it.

It has a very futuristic design, but is small and compact enough to be used anywhere.

Because of the unique design, it can easily and comfortably cure all five fingers at once and has no problem accommodating all five toes.

It also has dual lights meaning that it can cure UV and LED compatible nail products all at once.

This nail lamp is both automatic and manual start.

Reviews are 100% positive and love the design, the speed of the curing, the fact that it does UV and LED lights and the fact that it is large enough to cure an entire hand or foot but can also be moved easily or used for travel.

One consumer called it “nearly perfect”.

5. USpicy 48W LED UV Nail Dryer Nail Lamp – Recommended For A Saloon

Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.2 x 3.5 inches

Led uv nail dryer nail lamp for gel polishes with automatic sensorThis nail polish dryer has everything. Whether you are a nail technician and need a nail curer or you are just interested in having one for home. This is it.

It uses UV and LED light, features a pull down shield to protect your eyes when it is in use, a pillow top on top of the curer with a light so you can do your nails then put your hand right under the lights, and three timer settings.

This nail lamp also has a removable bottom tray so that your foot will fit in more comfortably, and for easy cleaning.

Reviewers like that this model works with all nail products, love the automation and think the light on the top is a great addition.

There were some concerns regarding the quality of the light connection, which is a USB port. However, most reviewers who had this issue contacted or were contacted by customer support and were given instructions on how to make it work or replace it.

Best UV Nail Lamp

We review five best UV nail lamps, kindly read the description carefully before making any decisions. We try our best to save your time and bring out only the best product which useful and value for money.

1. SUNUV 48W LED UV Nail Lamp –  Timer Setting, Senor For Gel Nails and Toe Nail Curing

Dimensions: 7.9 inches x 3.9 inches x 6.7 inches
Watts: 48

Sunuv nail lampThis UV nail light has a very distinct design. Instead of lamps, there are lamp “bead”. 34 of them to be exact. The beads coupled with the design ensures that the nail is cured from all angles.

To add more fun to the design, the top can be replaced with different colors.

There are four preset settings plus a low heat mode. In addition, it is auto sensing, meaning that there is no on or off switch, the lights turn on the timers start when it senses that a hand or foot has entered.

Reviews are very flattering for this product. All states that this does exactly what they expected it to and that the design was fun.

2. MelodySusie® 36W UV Nail Dryer – Recommended

Dimensions: 9.4 x 8.3 x 3.9 inches
Watts: 36

Uv lamp light for any uv gel polish, with sliding trayThis UV lamp is very sleek and comes in black or white. It is applauded for its spacious interior and comes with an extra light bulb.

It has two timer settings, one for 120 seconds and one for 180 seconds.

While the instructions are not very in depth, it appears to be user friendly and there are instructions online if needed.

This product boasts superior customer service and a 12 month warranty.

Reviewers state that this product does exactly what they expected, but was faster and more powerful than they thought. Plus, it does not get hot, as was anticipated.

It works with all gels, shellacs and nail polishes.

3. MiroPure 36W UV LED Nail Lamp – Best Product

Dimensions: 9 x 7.9 x 4.1 inches
Watts: 36

Miropure 36w uv led nail lampThis is one of the more expensive UV nail lights on the list, but reviews indicate that the product is worth it. Plus, it comes with two nail files.

This UV nail lamp is combined with LED technology as well. It has both light “beads” and regular lights.

There are four time settings and is compact, but large enough to dry the entire hand or foot.

It is self starting so it starts timing once you put your hand in and will automatically shut off when time is up.

Reviews state that as long as you follow the directions, the lamp will work flawlessly. Consumers also noted that this product does not get as hot as many others.

4. Salon Edge 36W UV Dryer

Dimensions: 11 inches x 4 inches x 2 inches
Watts: 36

Uv nail lamp by salon edgeThis is a reasonably priced UV nail dryer. It accommodates one hand or foot at a time and has both an automatic and manual timer. It is a clean, simple white with a sleek design.

There are also available gloves with this device to protect skin from the light, even though UV light is very safe according to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

The product claims to be very easy to setup and to use. And most reviews support this.

However, there are a few things to note from the reviews.

First, this nail light is sold with a European plug AND US plug so make sure you order the correct one.

Second, instructions are not included. However, curing times are on the nail product themselves and the rest is fairly self explanatory.

Finally, though there are a few oddities, like having to pull the plastic off of the removable tray, for example, for the price, consumers have been very pleased.

While there are other nail lights on the market, for at home use or for those just starting out who need quality for a low price, this is your machine.

5. MelodySusie 54W UV Nail Lamp – Quick Drying, Fit For Two Hands

Dimensions: 13.8 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches
Watts: 54

Quick drying uv gel nail polishRinging in at the most expensive UV nail lamp, this model is also the largest. It can fit both hands or both feet at the same time.

Reviews are very mixed about this product.

Some reviews applaud its size, quickness when drying, and reliability.

Other reviews will critique it for the heat that it gives off and that it stops working after a few months.

However, this product does boast a 12 month warranty and outstanding customer service. This product is best for a Saloon.

Bonus: LED and UV Nail Lamps for Under $10

1. MelodySusie Portable Mini LED Nail Lamp

Dimensions: 7.1 x 6 x 1.7 inch

Violetilac 6w mini nail dryerFor those on the go or those on a budget, this is the LED nail lamp for you.

It is compact, enough so that you can only do four fingers at once, then the thumb.

However, it is just as powerful as its competitors.

Many reviewers were skeptical of this product for the price, but once they tried it out many were very impressed.

Because it is an LED lamp, it needs to be used with LED compatible nail products.

Reviews noted the size and that it does not work with all nail products as a downside.

Still other reviews praised its size and its quick ability to cure all LED products.

2. SUNUV  Mini 6W LED UV Nail Dryer

6w led uv nail dryer curing lamp light portablThis LED UV nail dryer is the quintessential travel size. While no dimensions are listed, the descriptions says that it is “pocket sized”.

The light emitted is closer to white light which is less impactful on your eyes and your hands however, it still has the quick drying time.

Because it is an LED and UV light nail dryer, it will cure all nail products.

Another fun quality is that it can help check for the security strip in money.

Many consumers really liked this product. They were pleased with how well the nail dryer worked on all nail products, how small it was and how light and easy it was to travel with.

A few of the negative reviews noted that the legs were not very strong and a broke after a few uses and that the seller was not very responsive to issues.

Otherwise, this is a very popular product.

UV LED Shield Glove – For Extra Protection

Oc nails uv shield gloveBoth LED and UV lamps are relatively safe for your skin, but for those looking for added protection can purchase gloves to be worn while your nails are curing.

LED and UV light can cause premature aging, wrinkles and spots after a lot of exposure.

These gloves cover the hand up to the second knuckle and keep LED and UV light from getting to your skin.

They come in multiple sizes and in different colors.

Five Other Ways to Dry your Nail Fast

Here is a video of five ways to get your nail dry fast. There are some people complaining in comments about some methods work and some not, better read it first. If you can’t afford a Nail Lamp right now, than you may try these ways to get your nail dry fast.

Final Thoughts

Whether you work in a nail salon or just want a quality manicure from home, having the right equipment is the difference between looking and feeling good and wasting your time.

With the creation of different nail products comes the creation of nail product curers.

For anyone who has ever had their nails done, you know how important a good nail curer is.

Whether its UV or LED, having the quality equipment is key.