Do you want to get a new lace tattoo and you can not decide on a design? Well, you came to the right place. Read this article with caution and keep in mind that the author is not responsible if you fall in love with one of the designs and you get a fabulous lace tattoo.

Lace tattoo A lace tattoo has to be one of the most feminine designs you can get. The lace itself calls for a delicate texture that has been one of the symbols of class and femininity over the years. Lace has a history of over centuries, but the one we know today started being fabricated in the 15th century.

What is Lace?
In the 16th century, lace was often made out of silver and gold threads and represented a woman wealth and worth of such excess. Now, lace is made out of cotton and synthetic fiber and even if it lost its glory, lace is still appreciated in the modern era for being delicate beauty. After all, even lace had to transform to something more practical and easy to wear.

A lace tattoo works perfectly for a woman that wants to celebrate her femininity and let me tell you that there are a million of options out there. Do you want a small one on the wrist or maybe a big one on the back? Or your style is edgy and an arm sleeve lace tattoo would fit you the best?

Lace tattoo by julie hamilton

Now, let’s talk about the best color of the lace tattoo. Do you want it dark or light? If you have darker skin, I suggest getting a tattoo that is lighter than you skin color and if you have lighter skin, you can get one that is darker. If you want a subtle tattoo, chose a color just a few shades lighter or darker than your skin tone.

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Lace Tattoo on Arm

If you want to get a sleeve tattoo and maybe you have second thoughts because you think it will look way to rough on your look than choose a lace design! It will be just like having a constant accessory. One that I can assure you will look good with any type of clothing item.

Arms lace tattoos

Lace tattoo sleeve

Lace tattoos designs and ideas on sleeves

Lace tattoos full arms

Lace tattoos sleeves

One shoulder Lace Tattoo

If you want to look sexy without showing a lot of skin, the one shoulder trick will always work. But what if that shoulder has a subtle lace design on? The result will be even more fabulous and eye-catching. This type of tattoo will for sure give that je-ne-se-que to any of your looks.

Blace lace tattoo design shoulder

Lace tattoos for shoulder

Lace tattoo shoulder design 2017

Lace tattoos on shoulder

Sexy lace tattoos for shoulder

Lace tattoo women

Lace tattoo design

 Thigh Lace Tattoo

The sexiest option out there is getting a lace tattoo around your thigh. Get one that blends in with your over all look. Just a few shades darker and you will have everybody asking if they are real garters or just an illusion. This type of design will look great with dresses that have a slit or shorts.

Lace tattoo thigh

Lace tattoo designs

Lace tattoo thigh 2017

Lace thigh tattoo

Sexiest thigh tattoosRose and lace- always a good idea

What can be more feminine than a lace tattoo? A tattoo with a lace design and a rose over it. When it comes to the type of tattoo you think about getting, there are no rules. It can be as big or as small as you would like. If you are going for a rose and lace one, you can also add pearls, butterflies and even skulls. Do what ever makes you happy and also what represents you the best.

Lace tattoos

Lace tattoos designs and ideas rose

Rose and lace tattoo with pearls

Roses lace tattoo designs

Lace Tattoo, Small and pretty

As I said, you can have an arm selves or a tiny tattoo and still be a piece of art that represents your personality. If an arm sleeve is a little too much for you, here are some tattoos that as small they are beautiful. Roses are again an option and you can throw in some pearls. Also, remember that lace is a material, so you can make any shape you would like out of a lace design. Maybe a heart? Or some flowers?

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Lace tattoos small

Lace tattoo small on foot

Lace tattoos small and minimalist

Small hand lace tattoos

Lace tattoos look good no matter of your age. So here is one think that you don’t have to worry about when you get a lace tattoo: How would this look when I am old? Great! It will look amazing. Just like they are supposed to look, like a piece of art.

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