One of the most famous Afro hairstyle is the so-called Tree Braids. In this style hair extensions are used to make it longer and denser. You do not need to use any non-natural chemicals to treat your hair extensions, or high temperatures to firmly secure the extensions in your hair!

In tree braids styles, the extensions are braided into your natural hair just starting right on the head, and with a length that varies from 2 to 4 centimeters.

Tree braidsThis technique to lengthen your hair, and it is a healthier alternative for regular extensions. Tree Braids, works best on thick, wavy hair, such as Afro hair. Tree braids also have a protective effect on your natural hair. Its use is not limited to any particular situation, being appropriate for both day-to-day and more special occasions.

The duration of these braids varies from 2 to 3 months, if the maintenance is correct, and is faster to do than the Box Braids or Mini Box Braids. It gives a natural style to the wearer, being both practical and glamorous, with a special ability to enhance the eyes.

Types of Tree Braids

Tree Braids can be classified into two types.

  • The first is the Cornrow style, or individual braids. In this style the Tree Braids are intertwined together with your natural hair, and it will be practically impossible to distinguish which part is not naturally in your hair.
  • The second option is the artificial Tree Braids. This style, though less natural, has the advantage of allowing a greater number of variations in either shape, length or color

How To Do Tree Braids

Tree braids tutorials

First, take and gather all the material you will need to close to you. At this point it is important that you have already chosen the color and size of the extensions you want to apply. Just remember that the size of the extension must be twice the length you need for your hair, because when the extension is braided, its length will be loose.

  • Wash Your Hair

You need to wash your hair in order to clean it and to remove any dirt or debris that could damage the hair if held in contact for a long time (e.g. Tree Braids extensions duration).

  • Divide Braids into Sections

Next, lay out the extensions carefully separated and ready for use on an easily accessible workbench. These should be divided into sections that are slightly thicker than the amount of hair you want to wear on your braids.

  • Start Braiding from Front to back

You should start braiding your hair in the area around your ears, and always from the front to the back of the head. The hair locks can be separated using a comb, so that they are properly aligned and the results are more beautiful.

  • Making a Ponytail

You can make a ponytail to attach hair that is not being used at the moment. The locks of hair to use should be small and thin, especially those that are in the front part of the head.

  • Always Remember

When starting the braid, the hair strand should be placed between the branches of the extension, and well pressed against the head, so that the braids begin as close as possible. The extension is used to fold in half.

  • Make Hair More Dense

After start braiding, and if you want, you can also add another extension to a braid to make hair more dense.

If its difficult for you to understand, here is a video how to do cornrow tree braids by yourself, hope it will help you out.

Tree braids styles

There are certain ways you can give style to your tree braids, here we share some of the most popular styles, hope you will like them and give it a try.

Curly Tree Braids

Curly tree braidsCurly hair is the most popular option for tree braids. This braiding style is really go well with curly hair, if your hair are straight you may make them curly first to be suitable for tree braiding.

Straight Hair with Tree Braids

Tree braids straight hairAlthough this type of braid is more suitable for curly hair, it can also be applied to straight hair. Another hypothesis is that even if your hair is curly you can smooth it after making the braids, and from the length of the braids.

Colored Tree Braid

Invisible colored tree braidThis type of braided extensions is also ideal if you want to give your hair a new color, but does not want to subject it to the coloring chemicals. The options are very varied, and can even mix colors.

Side-Parted Tree Braids

Side parted tree braidsIn this style, hair and braids are divided into two by one line. The parts can be the same size, or the scratch can be more to one side or the other.


Tree braids front long hairHere, the Tree Braids are made just on the front of the head, giving a pickled hair effect that highlights the eyes.

Unique Tree Braid

Unique wavy tree braids hairstyle with chocolate highlightsAs the word “Unique” indicates, in this style, you can choose the alignment and extension of the braids according to your creativity, creating a unique personal hairstyle that reflects your lifestyle.

Beyonce (Our Tree Braid Celebrity)

Beyonce braids
Beyonce using tree braids many times, as you can see in these picture. Any other celebrity you know using this braids style?
Beyonce tree braids

Tree Braids Vs Crochet Braids

Crochet tree braids with human hairIn Crochet Braids, hair extensions are simply added to braids that have been made previously. Crochet Braids have greater potential to damage the hair as they exert more pressure on the hair strands. However, unlike the Tree Braids, these can be removed more easily, since they are extensions added to other braids already made before.

Tree Braids Vs Micro Braids

Tree braids vs micro braids
image source via ilookware

Tree Braids stand out from Micro Braids at various points:

Length: Tree Braids are generally shorter, usually about 2 to 4 cm and are close to the head. Micro Braids can have at length any length of hair, or just the length of Tree Braids, but are usually longer.

Use of extensions: The Tree Braids need the use of artificial extensions to give them shape and increase the volume of hair. Micro Braids are made with just the person’s natural hair.

Damage to hair: Tree Braids have the potential to protect your hair, while Micro Braids are more aggressive, because more stress is applied to your hair.

Washing your braids

Braids washingThis type of hairstyle stands out for its low maintenance needs. Just need to wash your hair normally, and at 1 every two washes apply conditioner. When combing your hair be careful with the braids, so that the brush teeth do not get trapped. Carefully treated hair is a powerful brand image that will boost your self-esteem.

In conclusion, Tree Braids are an easy, safe alternative to hair, which require little maintenance and little time to be made when compared to other braid styles. It is an individual choice of the best Tree Braid style for you, and it will reflect your individual personality.