Balayage is the hairstyle of the moment. We’ve had the basic dip dye, we’ve had the smooth ombre coloring and now we’ve arrived at balayage.

It highlights the tips of your hair with a lighter tone of it’s natural colour. Cleverly though, it works it’s way up to your roots until it has blended in flawlessly.

Balayage On Short Hair works really well, because it looks more natural.

If your hair is too long there is too much space between the tips and the roots. This makes it difficult to achieve the delicate flow from dye to natural colour.

For long hair you may try Ombre style. Here we also compare Balyage Vs Ombre, it will worth reading to know the difference between both.

Below are a few examples of balayage dye on short hair. You can see how the length of the cut allows the colour to grade nicely from tips to roots. This keeps it looking bouncy and fresh. The shorter length also allows the brighter dye to highlight your face which gives your skin a lift!

Balayage short hair

Blonde balayage for straight bob short hair

Honey kissed hair short balayage

Soft wavy brown balayage with shaggy ends

Balayage on shoulder length hair

It is also another style that works. Having a slightly longer cut of course means that there will be more dye in your hair. This makes for more of a committed look and means the maintenance of the style will be greater. But, this look is extremely striking. As you can see below, the effect is more dramatic and the graded colour works beautifully.

2 blonde balayage for brown shoulder length hair

Balayage for shoulder length hair

Balayage shoulder length hair

The hair color that lasts 6 months balayage

Balayage Color For Short Straight Hair

More often than not, balayage is styled with slightly wavy hair. This isn’t the only option though and if the colour is applied well, it can look gorgeous with straight hair. The dye with this styling needs to be more subtle because straightened hair will highlight everything.
Balayage short hair straight blonde

Balayage short hair straight shoulder

Balayage short hair straight

Brown blonde sweeps of color straight

Red balayage on short hair

Traditionally balayage is applied with a blonde dye. That said, red is becoming much more popular. It’s a trickier colour to pull off because ideally you want to be a natural red head to start with. If you’re lucky enough to have this beautiful shade of hair, then that’s great! If not, then you can try introducing a light browny red to your tips like below.
Balayage short red hair

Deep caramel balayage on short dark hairs

Dimensional red toned balayage

Marsala to strawberry blonde ombre balayage short hair looks

A balayage dye for very short hair

This becomes more similar to a head of highlights as there is less hair to show off the grading. This is a really fun and easy way of changing up a short hairstyle though. You can apply traditionally at the tips, decide just to colour the top or have random steaks throughout. It’s a quick process and looks great!
Balayage for very short hair

Balayage very short hair

Casual messy curly short haircuts with side bangs balayage for short hair

Layered dimensional style balayage very short