Even if you haven’t heard yet the term Box Braid, I am sure you have already seen it! Box Braids are thicker braids, very similar to those that were seen in the 90’s, and now come back, but with a wider style.

What are Big Box Braids? and how it’s different from usual box braids

Box braids boldBox Braids have many types and styles and Big Box Braid is one of them, as the name defined in this hairstyle using more big and thick braids than usual box style. Big Box Braids and are getting popular not only for their style, but also because of their advantages.

Advantages of Big Box Braids
An easy and clean look for every moment, from office to the beach, the low maintenance work they will require, and the benefits for your hair like the time needed for growth being shortened and protection of the hair strands.

Who Can Wear Big Box Braids?

Big box braids

Big Box Braid style is not suitable for everyone! The kind of woman who wears Box Braid is the confident woman, with a sense of style and strong personality. The really good news is that you don’t need to have long hair to do Box Braids! As the name says, Braids can be attached to hair as short as two fingers in length, and you can have any length for your Box Braids.

Big box braids stylesThis style has started with men styling Box Braids, but women quickly adhere to this trend as well.

How to do big box braids: step by step

Black women big box braids hair

    • Deep cleans your hair:

The first step to do Box Braids or Big Box Braids is the hair preparation. You should carefully clean your hair because any waste or debris will be in strict contact with your hair for a long time, and can damage or break off it. For this step it is advisable to use a clarifying shampoo. It is equally important to apply a conditioner, to soften your hair, and make it more malleable.

    • Make sure your hair is completely dry before you start:

A dried hair will be easy to work with, and will be stronger hair.

    • Comb your hair to detangle:

Well-groomed hair will be easier to work with, and you’ll get better end results. A hair that is not totally untangled will only be more embarrassed with the braids, increasing the risk of falling.

    • Split your hair into four portions:

Create four rectangular sections in your hair, front left and right and rear left and right. The three sections that are not going to work right now lock them in a ponytail. This will help you by not mix all your hair, making it difficult to work.

    • Take a pinch of hair from the first section:

The hair is all split at the root and then braided together with a synthetic hair that will thicken the braid: this synthetic fiber specific for Box Braids will give more braid durability, ensuring that it does not frizz or fade fast. This fiber also ensures stretching and so many women take advantage to play with the length they do not have on natural hair.

    • Repeat the same process on all your hair:

After finishing the first braid, repeat the process until all your hair is plaited. Be aware to all your braids being the same size. It is a time consuming process, so a lot of patience will be required.

Here is also a videos tutorial by Freedom Styles about how to do Big Box Braids – Protective Style.

One question people frequently ask is that how many packs of hair they need for box braids?
Well, it’s depend on your need. How much thickness you required, your head size and your desired length and style of the hair. Usually a big box braids styles need 8 to 10 packs of hair. This pack cost less than $3, so don’t worry about the cost. Some good brands may be cost more, but in the same time they provide quality as well. You may buy these pack of hair directly from amazon here.

How to style big box braids:

Big box braids stylesYou already have your Box Braids, now you want to style it! This is where your personality and creativity will shine, and where you make a difference. There are several ways to style your Box Braids, so let take a look at some of them:

Add some embellishments to your Box Braids:

Box braids shape
Image Source Pinterest

Glimpses, geometric shapes, symbols with which you identify yourself, everything depends on your creativity.

Braid over braid and a ponytail

Big box braids hairstyles ponytailThis is not only sounds good, but also looks good! If you have a long hair, and need to make it look a little less, this is the right option.

Classic High Bun

Big box braids high bunThis choice is ideal for everyday maintenance. Is simple to use when go to work or school, when you go out with friends, but especially when you need to takes hold your hair for the gym;

Bundle up

Bundle up box braidsIt is an easy way to accessorize your Box Braids, and get comfy at the same time. You can use a colored scarf or with a pattern of your choice, and tie it on the head, holding your braids;

Braided Pompadour

Braided pompadourThe first step is to do a high ponytail; secondly, separate your hair in three sections and do a new braid. After that, roll up your new braid and secure it with a help of a hook.

Side part braids

Half updo for big box braidsIf you have long and beautiful Box Braids, to have this look, you just need to side your Braids. With one side braids you will look more sexy and bold.

Personalize Your Big Box Braids

Big box braid pinterestYou can also personalize your Big Box Braids when you do it. This means that when you’re doing your Box Braids you can choose to create Jumbo Box Braids, Extra Large Box Braids or Long Box Braids.

In the case you opt for Jumbo Box Braids, you only need to use more hair in your braids and apply larger large synthetic fiber Braids. Jumbo Box Braids are easier and may require less time to do, but will also last less.

Jumbo box braids natural hairExtra Large Box Braids means the same as Jumbo Box Braids. Long Box Braids are a tendency, but at the same time will require more careful from you. Remember that the longer the braid is, especially if you use synthetic hair, it will be heavier, and therefore a greater possibility of breaking for your hairs. Long Box Braids are best for women with long hair.

Big Box Braids Colors

Multi colored big box braidsAnother way to personalize your Big Box Braids is with color. The easiest way to color your Box Braids is using synthetic hair with the desired color. When you do your Box Braids, you add synthetic Braids, so you don’t need to color your hair.

Red big box braidsRed Box Braids are often seen among famous people from cinema and TV. Red is a color associated with power and strong personality, so if you’re thinking about that, think about red color as a reflex of you.

Burgundy box braidsBurgundy Box Braids are another option, a sexy option, with feminist style! With burgundy, but with any other color, you can opt to use it in all your Braids or just in a small part or the ratio 1:1.

Gray big box braidsGray Box Braids are also used, especially for neutral and discreet women. The color can be used in the whole braid or just from the middle to the end, with increasing intensity.

Big box braids blackIf none of these color suits you, you can always stay in your comfort zone with simple Black Box Braids. These Braids are in temporal, and will fit all your styles and your clothes, they are also simpler to maintain and all need for your is to day-to-day hair care!

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Big braids hair Big braids hairstyles Big braids Big box braids hairstyle Very big braidsJust remember, use Big Box Braids as a reflex yourself: your personality, your cultural heritage and your beliefs!

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